Wireless Enterprise Networking Services

Build a secure wireless LAN network to meet the increasing demand for connectivity across your workforce and your customers.

Is your network holding your business back?

Businesses and people are rapidly becoming more and more reliant on mobile technology and communication. Traditional network solutions aren’t built for the demands of our mobile-centric world. It’s time to create a stable, scalable, and secure wireless network infrastructure to support a more connected enterprise.

Wireless Network Survey, Design & Installation

Our advanced wireless LAN services simplify the infrastructure and management of your enterprise wireless environment. While strategically aligning with your current business requirements, we also provide the built-in flexibility to meet the ever-changing demands of your business.
  • Wireless Site Survey

    Site surveys are a critical first step to designing your wireless network. Strategic Systems provides on-site or predictive heatmapping and a site survey report to help visualize your network coverage needs.
  • Wireless Network Design, Installation & Configuration

    Following your site survey, we’ll create an intuitive network design that will ensure strong and stable connection throughout your building. Once your design is finalized and all hardware is ready, we deploy our technicians to install and configure your wireless network on-site.
  • Network Security Analysis & Upgrades

    Our support doesn’t end after installation. We provide you with wireless network security and health reports to continuously optimize connectivity. Our team will also train all necessary team members and support you with wireless upgrades.

Wireless Device Product Partners

We proudly provide hardware and software from some of the world’s leading technology vendors.

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