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  • Guide

    Retail Technology Solutions Guide

    Learn how to elevate customer experiences, build smarter operations, and optimize inventory with retail ready solutions in our Retail Technology Solutions Guide.

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  • Whitepaper

    ZEBRA’S 2017 Retail Vision Study

    In the age of evolving shopper expectations and technology advancements, the global retail industry is in the midst of a profound shift in retail operations. To gain a deeper understanding of ...

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  • Webinar

    How to Optimize Your Workforce with RFID

    You know the value of workforce optimization - you’re balancing workforce scheduling, operational costs and other key performance metrics to get the maximum benefit from your employees and other ...

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  • Guide

    RFID Solution Buyer’s Checklist

    Looking to invest in an RFID solution, but not sure where to start? How well RFID actually works for you will be determined by both the capabilities of the specific components you use and how closely ...

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  • Whitepaper

    Selecting the Right Mobile Device

    Selecting the right mobile device is critical to maximizing the return on investment (ROI) of your mobility strategy. This white paper will show you: The critical criteria associated with device ...

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  • Case Study

    Supporting Patient Care with a Nurse-Approved Solution

    A large metropolitan hospital system needed to update its population of mobile computers to scan barcodes on patient ID bands and then record patient care information. Learn how the following ...

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  • Guide

    Locationing Technologies Guide

    In this guide, we will describe several locationing technologies and give real world examples of applications based on actual projects and inquiries that Strategic Systems and Zebra Technologies have ...

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  • Case Study

    Mobile Device Services in Retail

    Learn how Strategic Systems helps manage a large retailer's population of more than 700 tablets, plus accessories, and with keeping them provisioned and in circulation across more than 20 different ...

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  • Case Study

    Overcoming Inventory Challenges

    Learn how Strategic Systems helped this wholesale manufacturer design a process and system to streamline locating and taking inventories of more than 10,000 products. Benefits include: more efficient ...

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