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ONE Platform — Connecting Everything

The SOTI ONE Platform is an innovative platform that reduces the cost, complexity and downtime of
business-critical mobility. It destroys functional silos and enables integrated solutions that build apps
faster, secure and manage all mobile devices and IoT endpoints, and deliver actionable insights. When
everything is connected, SOTI ONE makes it simpler, smarter and more reliable.

SOTI ONE Platform — Connecting Everything


Proven Mobility Management

SOTI MobiControl makes Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) easier than ever before. It empowers companies to securely manage any device or endpoint with any form factor and any operating system throughout their entire lifecycle; from deployment to retirement. It controls all aspects of business mobility, from tracking physical assets to managing apps and content, all while keeping devices and data, safe and secure.


Diagnostic Intelligence

SOTI XSight enables the rapid resolution of app and mobile device issues. By leveraging advanced diagnostics and analytics, IT administrators can improve performance and reduce operating costs of business-critical mobility. SOTI XSight integrates with SOTI MobiControl, providing a supercharged solution with the operational intelligence, support and management tools you need to streamline your business.


Get It Done. In a Snap

SOTI Snap is a cross-platform solution that enables organizations to rapidly build mobile apps to replace paper-based processes by using the data-capturing capabilities of your mobile devices. With SOTI Snap, you can easily digitize data collection and approval processes to make them fast and efficient, allowing your business to save money and optimizing your mobile device investment.


Keep Printing, Keep Working

SOTI Connect provides complete lifecycle management for industrial and mobile printers which are relied upon for business-critical processes such as shipping labels, barcode identifications, transaction receipts and more. SOTI Connect supports many printer OEMs and enables organizations to select the mix of printer OEMs which best suit their business-critical printing needs and manage them all using a single solution.


Secure Access to the SOTI ONE Platform

SOTI Identity enables simple and secure access to the SOTI ONE Platform suite of solutions. It provides centralized user authentication, single sign-on and role management, empowering organizations to create seamless, integrated mobility management workflows.


Collaboration At Your Fingertips

SOTI Pulse is an online community for SOTI partners and customers, and makes it easy for customers to connect, communicate and collaborate with product experts and other solutions providers, to get the most out of their mobility and IoT deployments.


Break Down Silos

End-to-end visibility helps to eliminate downtime and manage all mobile and IoT devices in one place.

Integrate Everything

See how all aspects of your mobile strategy connect with each other to maximize device uptime.

Make Smarter Decisions

From app usage to cellular coverage, use irrefutable data to level up your mobile operations.


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