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How scalable is your business's wireless network?

Is your business rapidly growing, and is your network and IT team struggling to manage the network? A wireless enterprise solution can help your business’s network scale as it grows and offers a single platform for your IT team to handle easily.

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If you’re thinking about upgrading your business’s current network – We will guide you through the entire process of selecting a solution. We start the process by discussing your wireless needs and creating a curated technology strategy for your company.


Configure & Implement

We will help you set up your wireless solution after you select it. Our team is readily available to support you during your solution’s implementation.



We will get all your critical users on board with your wireless solution by facilitating training for you and your team. Attending training for your wireless solution helps your employee adapt to it faster and limits disruptions in your workplace.


Manage & Support

We offer continuous support after implementing your wireless solution. Our support resources include Rapid Equipment Exchange, spare pool management, and access to a team of help desk professionals.

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With a geographically dispersed team, a wireless solution can help your team collaborate and communicate effectively on one platform. Extreme Network’s wireless solutions offer a simple solution to help your IT team manage a growing team.

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Cloud Managed Networking

Manage your network at any time or anywhere with cloud-managed networking. This product provides accessibility and scalability to your business’s digital infrastructure. Product features include machine learning and artificial intelligence.




Use Case

Device monitoring


Document & data sharing

Employee collaboration


Effortlessly connect your digital network with a secure, high-quality digital routing solution. This product provides a scalable solution for your business as it grows. Product features include strong encryption and flexible support on-demand.



Warehouse Management


Use Case


Carrier ethernet

Internet routing tables


Securely connect users to applications regardless of their network type with SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network). This product is simple to deploy and control your business’s network from a centralized location.




Use Case

Network security

Network scalability

Asset management

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We have built strong partnerships with leading mobile platform providers and device manufacturers so that you can minimize downtime of your business-critical mobile operations and maximize the ROI you get from them.

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Optimize Your Wireless Solution

Our team is looking forward to discussing implementing your wireless solution. Get in touch with us today to discuss your technology needs.

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