BarTender Label Printing Software


Comprehensive Label Printing Software for Your Business

BarTender software is trusted by organizations around the world to improve safety, security, efficiency, and compliance by optimizing their labeling, marking, and printing processes. BarTender gives you the tools to design labels and other documents, connect those designs to live database data, integrate automated printing with existing business systems, and launch print requests from any system, OS or device easily and efficiently.

BarTender Labeling Applications

Chemical Labeling

Chemical manufacturers, distributors, and importers use BarTender to deliver clear and consistent safety labels.  

Food Safety Labeling

BarTender helps companies comply with labeling laws for food allergens in the EU and food safety in every country.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Labeling

Hospitals, pharmacies, labs, and clinics around the world use BarTender to enable data capture and tracking.


Easily Create and Manage Labels

BarTender’s exclusive Intelligent Templates™ improve design quality, reduce label maintenance, maximize printing performance, and eliminate the need to create and maintain hundreds of separate design documents.

Automate the Labeling Process

Take advantage of powerful design logic that tells templates, layers, and even objects “when to print” based on a single data source or database field, or on multiple conditions.

Seamlessly Integrate into Existing Platforms

BarTender seamlessly connects and communicates with any system, OS, or device. This enables you to share global data fields such as incrementing serial numbers among all documents and launch print requests from any device, anywhere.

Software Features

Secure Centralized Management

Powerful Print-Time Information

Advanced Serialization

Legendary Support

Advanced Card Design

Sophisticated Integration

Role-Based Access

Zebra Enterprise RFID and Barcode Printers

Strategic Systems has been a Zebra Premier Partner for 20 years, achieving the ISV Partner and Advanced RFID Specialist certifications with Zebra along the way. We provide top-of-the-line Zebra printers to pair with BarTender’s label printing software.


Interested in BarTender Label Printing Software?

Looking for an easy, flexible, and powerful label and barcode printing tool? Reach out to Strategic Systems, an authorized BarTender integrator, to get started.

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