Newcastle Systems

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Newcastle is a pioneer in the powered cart and portable power solutions industry. Their products are designed to help your team be more productive and efficient at their job, doubling the power of your workforce. Strategic Systems partners with Newcastle to help you select, configure, and equip your powered workstations that will best suit your organization and your teams.  

Newcastle Powered Workstations

EcoCart Series

The EcoCart mobile workstation is the entry-level options for basic tasks and smaller equipment profiles. This unit is ideal for supporting a laptop, barcode printer, and scanner for more than 8 hours at a time.

NB Series

The NB Series work carts have a rugged design to handle many years on the floor combined with the mobility and flexibility to support advanced technology setups. The NB series can accommodate testing equipment, large monitors, scales, printers, and more.

LT Series

The LT series is designed for mobile commuter and light printing applications in industrial environments. This rugged, yet lightweight cart provides mobile power to your laptop and small thermal printer and scanner for 8+ hours.


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