Enterprise Mobile Device Services

Mobile devices are powering our workforces today more than ever but are difficult to manage and often disjointed. Unify your people, data, and processes with innovative mobile device solutions.

Mobile Device Lifecycle Services

No matter what stage you’re at with your devices – from a complete refresh to extending the life of your existing devices – Strategic Mobile Device Services™ provides an end-to-end mobile device solution. With Strategic Systems, you can simply and effectively select, deploy, manage, and maintain large, widely-distributed mobile device populations.
  • Device Selection

    When you’re seeking new mobile devices – whether to replace existing devices or support a new facility – we help you navigate the device selection process. We start by assessing your current mobile environment and designing a comprehensive mobile strategy roadmap. From there we work with you to choose right device, accessories, and support plans.
  • Device Deployment

    Once you’ve chosen your devices, we get to work preparing those devices to be deployed – including staging, kitting, quality control inspections, and device training. We take all these measures ensure a smooth mobile device deployment for you and your team.
  • Device Management

    We are certified providers of SOTI and VMWare and offer comprehensive account setup, installation, configuration, and training services. MDM provides you with central control of devices within your corporate network, including data, security, applications, web activity, and data transmission.
  • Device Support

    Continuous maintenance and support is key to maximizing the ROI of your investments in enterprise mobility. Strategic Systems is committed to supporting you with our helpdesk professionals, spare pool management, and asset reporting. We also offer an online management portal to track, deploy, and monitor your mobile devices and accessories.

Mobile Device Product Partners

We have built strong partnerships with leading mobile platform providers and device manufacturers so that you can minimize downtime of your business-critical mobile operations and maximize the ROI you get from them.

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