Let’s take a closer look into Zebra’s New TC58 Mobile Computer

Zebra’s line of touch computers has successfully combined elegant ergonomics with intelligent automation for the past decade. Its newest device, the TC58 builds on previous connectivity milestones to enhance field operations and retail use cases. Equipped with a significantly faster processor, higher resolution display, and an advanced camera, the TC58 opens the door to a new definition of enterprise-ready mobility with the following improvements:

  • Outdoor-ready displays for clear screen legibility in direct sunlight
  • Support for WiFi 6E and 5G to ensure faster cellular speeds
  • Built-in support for updated payment solutions
  • Snap-and-go pairing with next-generation UHF RFID sleds   
  • Increased rugged design to sustain up to 6ft. drops with a protective boot
  • Time of Flight sensor to capture a parcel’s dimensions in seconds

Thinking about upgrading? Here are 3 Questions to Ask Yourself First

Modernizing mobility can be exciting; however, a lack of proper planning can harm productivity in the long run. To preemptively address possible roadblocks, we recommend evaluating your workflows’ need for modernization with the questions below:

  • “Will the new solution grow alongside my business?”

To ensure future success, your mobility solution should be flexible to potential changes. The TC58 does this by leveraging future-proof connectivity that increases bandwidth and lowers latency for advanced applications like augmented reality. Android’s operating system also delivers ongoing support for up to 10 years, so your team can count on a long-lasting solution in the years to come. Moreover, the TC58 is built with the ability to create a hybrid point-of-sale, ensuring future adaptability as the storefront shifts to meet customer demands. 

  • Will the new solution disrupt current productivity rates?”

Simplicity is key when integrating a new system into your workflows. The TC58 contains Qualcomm’s latest chipset to accelerate processing speeds by 90%. Furthermore, Zebra made staging easy with Mobility DNA apps like StageNow for immediate usability right out of the box. 

  • “Will the new solution alleviate my IT teams’ future headaches?”

Zebra’s MobilityDNA apps empower IT teams with expanded insights into the device’s performance. For example, Device Tracker allows teams to locate misplaced devices, curbing replacement and maintenance costs. On the other hand, the Device Diagnosis app enables remote troubleshooting to eliminate downtime. Android’s user-friendly interface also facilitates integration since workers can quickly grasp a familiar platform like Android. 

Meet with our modernization experts to continue exploring the benefits of optimized mobility in your operations. From streamlined data processing to enhanced security, Zebra’s newest touch computer is set to empower operations with competitive flexibility.