The Here and Now: Zebra’s TC53e/TC58e/TC53e-RFID

The newest addition of the cutting-edge TC5 Series, the TC53e, TC53e-RFID, and TC58e, are quicker, more intelligent, tougher, more eco-friendly, and more secure. These devices are designed to assist workers in exceeding the ever-changing needs of today’s contemporary mobility. These devices are the most secure TC5 Series device in existence, equipped with a Secure Element which delivers top-of-the-line physical security on a mobile device through a specified chip that inhibits physical attacks on hardware and unauthorized access to important data. Along with being the most secure, these devices are also one of the most powerful. It is equipped with the latest QualComm® processor which provides almost two times the power of the previous generation processor while using less power, too. Most impressively, of its countless capabilities, these devices are Zebra’s most sustainable, most eco-friendly, TC5 Series device available today—as they are designed and built with 25% of post-consumer recycled plastics and without most major environmental toxins, like mercury and PFO/PFOAs, for example. In addition to that, consumption of power is decreased and the battery technology is green—as they are removable and recyclable. With battery statistics, you gain a grasp of when batteries are not healthy enough to carry a full charge, enabling you to utilize batteries longer while avoiding device downtime. Not only that, but almost all its packaging is biodegradable and uses recycled materials. Clearly, these devices are not only good for business, but they’re also good for the environment, too. Along with encouraging sustainability, these devices are equipped with numerous state-of-the-art features, including: 

  • A bigger, clearer screen – Equipped with a bright, 6-inch FHD+ end-to-end display that provides a clearer viewing experience that is easy to see both indoors and out. The touchscreen works in numerous conditions, including when wet or with gloves. 
  • Amazing audio quality – With these devices, your employees can seamlessly hear every word on every call with extensive voice features—such as 3 built-in microphones, 2 speakers, and support for all kinds of headsets.
  • Maximized multi-tasking – Equipped with up to 8 GB RAM and 12 GB Flash, as well as support for up to 2TB of onboard storage—which delivers the memory needed to support almost every application.
  • Intelligent Identity Guardian – Your employees can scan a barcode on their badge and smoothly look into the device to unlock and equip the device with all the proper permissions and applications. With this feature, there is no need to worry about shared PINs or compromised information that could grant unauthorized users access to your network, data, and systems. 

Whether you’re a retail manager or associate, field service technician, postal carrier, or courier driver, this addition to the top-of-the-line TC5 Series will benefit your business—and the planet, too—by seamlessly and sustainably enhancing the efficiency and productivity of your operations. If you’re interested in maximizing your business, reach out to Strategic Systems to learn more.