How Zebra's Latest Update to the WS50 Wearable Computer Can Improve Inventory Tracking

The WS50 mobile computer has revolutionized supply chains by consolidating intelligent computing and team communication in a small all-in-one Android wearable computer. Its rugged exterior and lightweight design empower collaborative workflows for maximized inventory control. However, the limits of efficiency are never static. The new WS50 goes further by integrating a host-free UHF RFID reader alongside its barcode scanner to enable real-time tracking along with its 2D scanning capabilities. Teams can now reduce error rates and accelerate data capture with a device that fits on the back of their hand. 

The new product ultimately empowers teams with:

  • Intelligent RFID scanning for tags up to 5ft. away.
  • Flexible mounting options that can be worn on a wrist, back of hand, or two fingers.
  • Push-to-talk (PTT) support that replaces two-way radios.
  • Task management applications for better staff utilization.
  • Simultaneous capture of multiple barcodes with Zebra’s Multi-Code Data Formatting.
  • Support for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) systems for easy device management.
  • Flexible wireless connections leveraging WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC to prevent dropped signals.
  • Programmable shortcut buttons to enable PTT, scanning, or RFID data capture.
  • Advanced touchscreen displays offering better contrast and viewing angles for easy readability. 

    Read more about the WS50’s new capabilities in our fact sheet

    Expand RFID functionality with Zebra’s Mobility DNA Tools

    While RFID has been shown to greatly increase visibility, there are still supporting applications that can further expand visibility without overwhelming IT teams. That’s why the WS50 is also equipped with the following Mobility DNA applications:

  • Data Wedge – Scan barcodes and automatically sort data into the right applications for faster sharing and reporting.
  • Mobility Extensions – Add an extra layer of dependable data security to protect your Android device with reliable encryption and multi-factor authentication.  
  • Enterprise Home Screen – Specify which applications are featured on your devices to keep teams focused and prevent accidental data leaks.
  • Device Diagnostics Tool – Conduct remote troubleshooting to protect uptime and reduce repair costs.
  • Wireless Fusion – Secure unbroken Wi-Fi connectivity throughout your entire facility for maximized productivity.  

    Wearable technology simplifies modernization by delivering enhanced workflows in an easy-to-use system that leverages natural muscle movement for maximized user comfort. Contact our modernization team to learn more about the WS50 and other wearable technologies redefining operational efficiency.