Control Costs by Using The Zebra TC20 Mobile Computer With The RFD2000 Sled

The Zebra TC20 mobile computer is designed to scan the items in your inventory quickly and easily. It operates in a variety of conditions and is extremely versatile. With the new RFD2000 sled, you’ll be able to control costs by tracking your inventory in a much more accurate manner.

Expands UHF RFID Capabilities And Other Features

On its own, the Zebra TC20 mobile computer is capable of high-performance barcode scanning. It works faster and more accurately than using a smartphone for the same purpose. However, with the addition of the RFD2000 sled, which is designed to fit perfectly over the TC20, your scanning capabilities are enhanced. The sled adds on RFID tagging features, a special Geiger Counter mode, and better battery statistics. The latter means that you’ll know exactly how much battery power the Zebra TC20 had left, allowing you to plan your inventory scanning down to the minute. With that said, the Zebra TC20 and RFD2000 sled have enough battery power to last an entire shift.

Control Costs by Locating Misplaced Inventory

Controlling costs with the TC20 and RFD2000 sled is easy. You’ll be able to keep better track of your inventory since the RFD2000 has a special Geiger Counter mode. This works by helping you locate items that are misplaced either in your store or in your warehouse. You won’t have to purchase duplicates of inventory that you already own simply because you can’t locate them.

Scan UHF RFID Tags Quickly

Another way in which the RFD2000 sled will save you money involves payroll costs. The RFD2000 sled is designed to encode any UHF RFID tags that are in the vicinity when you push the button. Your employees won’t have to scan everything individually. The RFD2000’s read rate is 15% faster than that of similar devices. It can scan up to over 700 RFID tags in one second and from 19.7 feet away.

Uses ASIC Radio Technology

The RFD2000 sled uses ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) Radio Technology. This is why the device, when combined with the Zebra TC20 mobile computer, is so powerful. This radio frequency is extremely fast and accurate. With it, your employees will be able to scan inventory that’s simply in the vicinity. The quick read rate and ability to scan whole sections of RFID tags at once is what makes this device so useful for controlling costs.

Create Combination RFID Tags for Security Purposes

Counterfeiting and theft are real threats. You can counteract them by embedding your RFID tags with additional information, such as the barcodes for the items in your inventory. The Zebra TC20 mobile computer with the RFD2000 sled can be set up to tag items with non-clonable cryptographic tags. These tags aren’t traceable, and the consumer has no idea that they are there, but they will help you authenticate your own merchandise.

Additional Features Of The RFD2000 Sled

The RFD2000 sled is lightweight, weighing in at a mere 10.9 ounces with the battery installed, and ergonomically designed. The weight and comfort are important features when you have employees scanning your inventory. They’ll need fewer breaks to rest their hands and wrists, meaning that more inventory work is completed per shift.

Getting Started With The Zebra TC20 Mobile Computer and RFD2000 Sled

This RFID affordable device will save you time and provide a better way to control your inventory and thus, your costs. If you want more information or are ready to put these inventory control devices into use then please contact Strategic Systems today.