Your Cold Storage Solution is Incomplete Without Freeze Indicators. Here's Why.

Dependable visibility is crucial to maintain efficient cold storage operations. High temperatures can lead to product spoilage, but low temperatures may also compromise stock quality. As a result, temperature sensors have become indispensable to track inventory status. Freeze indicators are one of the many sensors revolutionizing cold chains since they provide an easy-to-read, low-cost system to verify safe temperatures. 

How do Freeze Indicators Work?

Zebra’s FREEZEmarker is affixed to an individual product to monitor temperature during cold chain storage. If the indicator’s temperature remains above the specified temperature, a green, visible circle signifies the product is safe. In the event products are exposed to even lower temperatures, the green circle will turn white and cloudy to show a temperature excursion has occurred.    

What to Expect from Your FREEZEmarker Indicator?

FREEZEmarker indicators have been designed to provide accurate readings demanded in food and pharmaceutical production. Consequently, teams can count on the following benefits:

  • At-a-glance identification of a product’s quality to avoid the administration of freeze-exposed products.
  • Extended quality management for manufacturers.
  • Irreversible indicator for clear, reliable results.
  • Compliance with major regulations such as the International Code on Harmonization Q9 and Q10. 
  • Minimized product waste and costs associated with disposing of spoiled products.
  • Integration of non-toxic materials for an environmentally friendly visibility system. 
  • Easy integration for quicker uptime – no device activation required. 
  • A broad range of customization with different response temperatures and colors to accommodate your branding.

Learn more about FREEZEmarker’s performance specifications in our fact sheet.

Expand Visibility when You Combine TransTracker and FREEZEmarker Indicators.

After products leave the shipping dock, tracking temperatures can become complex. Zebra’s TransTracker leverages FREEZEmarker indicators to showcase stock quality during transportation. Tags can be added to shipping boxes to bring the discussed benefits on the road so temperature excursions don’t go unnoticed. 

Track and trace systems come in many shapes. Consider meeting with our automation teams to learn how you can create a scalable temperature monitoring system that best adapts to your budget and needs.