Smartphone or Workstation? Zebra’s EC55 is Both.

Consumer-grade phones may provide workers with familiar usability, but they lack the necessary tools to thrive in enterprise environments. While bring-your-own-device policies currently empower office settings, the same can’t be said of warehouses and field service. Stringent work conditions pose a threat to consumer-grade devices by exposing them to:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Drops and scratches 
  • Long work hours
  • Remote areas outside of cellular range
  • Cyberattacks 

Furthermore, consumer-grade devices have been shown to cost more in the long run since they require frequent repairs and replacements compared to enterprise-grade devices. Nonetheless, consumer smartphones are still favored in the enterprise space. As a result, Zebra’s EC55 handheld computer combines familiar ease of use with several intelligent features for greater durability and adaptability. 

What’s Included in the EC55:

  1. Sleek design mimics smartphone-style ergonomics – The EC55 is the thinnest and lightest Zebra handheld device on the market. Its small size fits neatly in a pocket or as a wearable accessory without burdening employees. Despite the thinness, the EC55 still maintains an IP67 sealing and military-standard ruggedness for dependable durability. 
  2. Android’s user-friendly operating systems – Integrate applications without extensive coding thanks to Android’s open ecosystem. Moreover, Android 10 is intuitive, minimizing adoption curves and reducing training times. 
  3. Wireless flexibility for ongoing connectivity – From WiFi connectivity to Bluetooth 5.0, the EC55 supports multiple connectivity options to unify teams and data consistently. Whether you need to connect payment systems for mobile checkout or push-to-talk solutions for seamless task assignment, the EC55 accommodates a range of connectivity options for a tailored system.
  4. Larger battery lifecycle – While standard batteries survive standard 8-hour shifts, the EC55 also offers optional extended batteries to prevent surprise downtime. 
  5. Automated data capture – An optional built-in scanner empowers accurate scanning for barcodes in any condition, including Digimarc. Moreover, the 13MP color rear camera aids in documenting proof of condition, proof of return, and video footage. 
  6. Supported data security – Improve security when you pair Android with Zebra’s Mobility Extensions (Mx) for government-grade encryption, multi-factor authentication, and recurring security patches. 

Optimize mobility in a variety of workflows with a multi-purpose handheld device. Download our fact sheet to learn more about the EC55’s capabilities.

Mobility can take many shapes when working with the right solution provider. Evaluate your mobile devices today with our team to target upgrade opportunities and explore rugged technologies that still simplify operations.