When is it Time to Use a Multi-Plane Checkout Scanner?

 Simply put, shoppers do not like long checkout lines. Studies suggest the average consumer will abandon a purchase if the wait times exceed 5 minutes, resulting in a 39% revenue loss. Moreover, shoppers are more likely to remove items from their carts when waiting in the checkout lane. Consequently, solution designers recommend upgrading your checkout scanner if you incur any of the following struggles:

  • Long wait times
  • Inability to scan loyalty cards
  • Overwhelmed associates
  • Product shrinkage stemming from non-decode events
  • High usage of manual data entry

Next-generation multi-plane scanners empower retailers with faster scanning speeds and adaptable data capture to meet consumer expectations. Zebra’s MP7000 multi-plane scanner is a prime example of this modernized adaptability. It delivers maximum uptime with minimum power consumption and a wide range of applications for product recognition and loss prevention.   

Why choose the MP7000?

Traditional laser scanners may seem more cost-effective upfront, but not all of them are designed to capture 2D and mobile barcodes – such as QR codes and loyalty apps. While they are a great improvement from manual and legacy systems, a multi-plane 2D scanner may be more suitable since it enables...

  • Faster Checkout Performance – Zebra’s PRZM Intelligent imaging technology ensures smoother transactions for less stress and seamless self-checkout experiences.
  • Larger Scan Volume – Associates can simply swipe and go without missing barcodes, thanks to the MP7000’s larger scan volume. Customers can also simultaneously scan their mobile coupons with a customer-facing scanner to further accelerate transactions.
  • Reduction of Non-Decode Events – The MP7000’s advanced sensors can identify when items pass through the field of view without completing a successful scan. By notifying teams of missed barcodes, retailers minimize shrinkage and increase inventory control.
  • Flexible Barcode Scanning – Capture data from virtually any barcode with Zebra’s Selectable Label Identifiers. Convert barcode symbologies into recognizable data during checkout to keep workflows running smoothly. Furthermore, the MP7000 empowers associates to capture multiple barcodes at once or single out a specific barcode on a product to only transmit necessary data.
  • Remote Data Management – Track your entire fleet’s performance remotely and certify peripherals are properly connected and functioning for less downtime. 

    Read our MP7000 Fact Sheet to see how modernized scanning revolutionizes the checkout experience. 
    High-performance scanning belongs in the modern store. Reach out to our solution specialists to learn more about your optimization options and choose technologies devoted to enhancing the customer experience.