Automation’s Role in Retail: Exceptional Service or a Disservice?

Whether we like it or not, the retail world is changing at an alarmingly rapid pace. To combat and defeat obstacles like inflation, disruptions in the supply chain, and challenges with labor, forward-thinkers are basing their decision-making in investing in high-end technologies to help maintain profitability while offering positive experiences for both shoppers and store associates alike. As we know, success in retail needs total alignment from all of the decision-makers within it, as well as consumers and sales associates, too. Regardless of category, the goal for retailers is to obtain an amicable atmosphere where employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and the visions of leadership can come together to push toward overall innovation, growth, competitiveness, and profitability in their sector of retail. Technology such as self-checkout, RFID tags, and electronic shelf labels are components to a more efficient future in retail. This is especially true when you consider:

  • A vast majority of customers have a more positive shopping experience when store associates use the newest technology to help meet their needs.
  • Tech-enabled store associates are there to bridge the technological gap for customers by answering their questions, providing customized recommendations, instantly checking inventory, and much more—therefore creating a more efficient workflow and positive exchanges with customers.
  • The increase in automation and real-time data provide unparalleled visibility into stock levels, patterns of demand, and the efficiencies of the supply chain to limit shortages and guarantee products are in the proper place when customers want to purchase them. 

Now, how does this goal get accomplished? Simple: Zebra’s ET4x Series tablets. As a proud Zebra partner, SST provides best-in-class tablets that come right out of the box with everything your business will need to thrive, every time. They work smarter and faster with an abundance of business-class options, such as:

  • Top-of-the-line lifecycles – Tablets that are built to last and come with multiple options in technological services. 
  • Ready and rugged – Every tablet in this series is built for all realms of business. The ET4x is a rugged tablet that's designed to withstand a drop from 4 feet onto concrete, which is the toughest drop test there is. If desired, add an optional rugged frame to increase the drop-radius to 5.1 feet! Use it anywhere—inside or out, in hot or freezing temperatures—and see that it works, every time. 
  • Battery life for the entire workday – With multiple power options, these tablets will be up and running for multiple shifts. Get consistent power whenever and wherever you need it—with a swappable secondary battery as an option, too.
  • ASAP POS – Through contemporary payment solutions, create a mobile POS anywhere you want. A hybrid and on-demand POS is available with a Point of Sale hub and presentation stand, too. NFC tap to pay support.
  •  Best-in-class scanning – No matter what your workers need to scan, these tablets will get it done. Multiple ranges of scanning available, all providing market-leading performance in an instant.

Our evolving technological future isn’t coming; it’s here, right now. Now more than ever, retail businesses need to get ahead of the curve. Forward thinking is thinking about the future. Take the lead, and reach out to our team at SST to modernize your business and create a more efficient and positive environment today.