Redefine Checkouts with Zebra’s MP72 Series

In today’s world of ceaseless shopping choices, consumers demand to get in, make their purchases, and get out of stores as quickly as possible. With Zebra’s MP72 Series Multi-Plane Scanner/Scale, you give your customers a new level of convenience in the checkout lane. Being Zebra’s most recent bioptic scanner, the MP72 Series provides the optimal checkout performance yet—as it is tailored with premier scanning speeds and accessibility that guarantees every customer as a seamlessly smooth experience, every time. It’s equipped with countless state-of-the-art innovations that are designed to bring the best to your business. Specially, they are built with color cameras that empower computer vision applications and assists in reducing shrink, so that you can maximize your workforce and deliver convenient self-checkout features to your customers without impacting your bottom line. Along with that, these scanners are equipped with:

  • Double the field of view, optimal speed – With elevated swipe speeds and fields of view that more than 100% bigger than other scanners in its class, the MP72 Series makes scanning as seamless as possible. With these scanners, there is less need to strategically position barcodes—delivering a smoother experience for everyone, from veteran cashiers to first-time users.
  • Scan avoidance identification – With Zebra’s Non-Decode Event alerts, you can design applications to send alerts when a product goes through a scanner’s field of view, but a barcode does not get scanned—regardless of if its intentional or accidental.
  • Precise scan performance – Built with high resolution mega pixel sensors and Zebra’s exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology, the MP72 Series offers unprecedented scanning speed and manageability on essentially all 1D, 2D, GS1 or Digimarc®, mobile and paper barcode. Improperly printed, damaged, wrinkled, or faded barcodes will not hinder your checkouts. Also, offset illumination streamlines scanning reflective barcodes on shiny packaging and on customer phones.
  • Lowest in-class power consumption – Energy bills are among some of the biggest expenses of in-store operating. Because of that, it is vital to ensure your store uses energy as efficiently as possible. Zebra’s Intelligent Illumination system operates the LED lights only when items are in the scan zone. As a result, the MP72 Series uses about 50% less energy than other bioptic scanners.

With its abundance of contemporary innovations, the MP72 Series scanners are built to bring the best to your business. These scanners make it simple and economical to optimize your checkout with unmatched uptime, smooth integration with in-place existing infrastructure, and low consumption of energy—making it the right, smart investment. At the end of the day, we all strive to be the best we can be. If you’re looking to redefine your checkouts to bring them the maximal levels of efficiency, reach out to Strategic Systems today!