Advantages of the Zebra Technologies SmartLens Transition Reader

The new Zebra SmartLens Transitions Reader is much more than just another loss prevention device. The Zebra SmartLens sits on the walls of your store, where it tracks the movements of everything in it. Thanks to the multi-sensors, the smart lens can tell which items your customers are buying, just as it can track which items a proposed thief has picked up to run off with. This multi-use reader is something that every smart store manager needs.

Zebra Smart Lens – Four Different Types of Sensors

The Zebra SmartLens is equipped with four different types of sensors, making it an analytics powerhouse. These sensors use three various methods of tracking movement. They utilize video — making it handy to have them located near the entrance and exits of your stores, as well as in places where the employees come and go. They also have RFID and micro-locating capabilities. This allows the sensors to track the RFID and security tags on all of your merchandise. While this is good for tracking thievery – the system will be able to both see and sense everything that the shoplifter picked up – but it can also tell which items you customers are reaching for the most. This helps you track sales accurately and determine when to restock.

Systems Integration Capabilities

The Zebra SmartLens can be integrated into with the rest of your systems. What does this mean for you? When an item sells out on the sales floor, the system will be able to tell you just how much of that very thing is in your current stockroom or warehouse. This makes managing your goods easy. Your inventory management system will be much more accurate, and you’ll know just how much to reorder and when. Your customers won’t come in to find empty shelves, thanks to the Zebra SmartLens.

The Main Applications

On top of this, the Zebra SmartLens operates on three different applications platforms. You have your choice of creating your own custom application, setting up the device to run on a current application that’s integrated with your other management software, or using an application already created and tested by Zebra. With this many choices, you’ll no doubt find the best fit. It’s all about how you want to use the device and which systems you already have in place.

It’s A Versatile Analytics Engine

The Zebra SmartLens is much more than just a camera and tracking device – it’s an analytics engine. Do you want to know what your customers are buying at 8 am, compared to what they buy at noon? With this device, you can determine just that. There are so many different options for both analytics and tracking that you’ll wonder how you went without the Zebra SmartLens for so long.

For all of these reasons and more, you need the Zebra SmartLens system in your store. How can you go without having this powerful device integrated into your existing software?

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