How Zebra’s ATR7000 Raises the Bar in Real-Time Tracking

Operational visibility is the cornerstone to seamless productivity. From the production line to the checkout lane, visibility technologies prevent errors from progressing down the supply chain, ultimately securing:

  • Increased customer loyalty 
  • Diminished operational costs
  • Higher order throughput
  • Maximized inventory control 

While traditional barcode systems do a great job automating and accelerating data capture, current fast-paced supply chains may require a quicker way to track inventory and workflows. As a result, 83% of warehouse decision-makers are now moving towards RFID technologies to establish real-time, in-motion visibility. Among the many future-forward RFID readers in the market, Zebra’s ATR7000 RTLS Reader goes beyond inventory management by improving compliance, preventing loss, and simplifying configuration and management. 

Redefine Operational Efficiency with...

  • Superior Locationing with CLAS – Empower your WMS with real-time visibility into dynamic workflows when you leverage Zebra’s Configuration and Location Analytics Software (CLAS). Collect tag data within 2ft. accuracy automatically, transmitting input into your WMS for aggregated tasks along a single path. 
  • A Wide-Angle Multi-Polarized Antenna – Expect maximum tag visibility with a wide angle that doubles your coverage area, regardless of the environment’s size or complexity. 
  • In-Motion Tracking Capabilities – Deploy an extra layer of intelligence by tracking inventory movement within the four walls. This allows you to achieve 10 times more throughput without overwhelming your teams. 
  • Easy Integration – Zebra’ simplified app integration with its Application Programming Interface facilitates app creation for RFID workflows, allowing teams to set up and run programs with little delay. 
  • Flexible Power Options – The ATR7000 sports a +24 VDC power supply along with integrated support for Power of Ethernet Plus (PoE+) to eliminate the need for an outlet and costly power drops. 
  • Multiple Mounting Options – To further support easy integration, the ATR7000 comes with a built-in mounting pole, simplifying overhead installation. Moreover, its standard VESA mount provides additional options to fit your space.  

While any RFID system will require an enterprise antenna, there is so much more that goes into developing an adaptable tracking system. Schedule a preliminary workflow assessment with Strategic Systems to learn how you can integrate a full RFID solution into your daily operations.