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What is an RFID System and how does it work? Basically, RFID systems have at least two components: readers and tags. A reader (or “interrogator”) is a device that has one or more antennas that send electromagnetic waves to RFID tags and receive signals back from the tags. Readers may be handheld, fixed, or vehicle…

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Making an Impression at RFID Journal LIVE! 2015

RFID Journal Live

Everything was ready for RFID Journal Live! 2015: Shiny brass luggage trolley? Check. Black canvas military-issue duffle bags? Check. Wine? Check. Linen-lined laundry cart? Check. Gun safe? Check. With that Ocean’s Eleven-worthy prop list and a team of three that I had started thinking of as “the mastermind,” “the techie” and “the politician,” it was…

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