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RFID Tag Choice Can Make or Break Your Passive UHF Tracking Project

RFID Tag Choice

RFID tag choice is critical to the success of your tracking project. There are many good, solid, money-saving, efficiency-making, data-rich, automagical reasons for using a passive ultra high frequency (UHF) RFID tracking system in your operations – none of which you will be able to realize if you choose the wrong RFID tag. “In our…

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Making the Case for Android Enterprise Devices

Android for Enterprise

Rugged Android enterprise hardware reached a critical threshold in 2014, accounting for approximately 15 percent of the overall rugged handheld market, according to VDC Research. Despite the existing established presence of other operating systems, the consumer-championed Android platform appears poised to continue expanding its footprint in the enterprise handheld landscape. In particular, industry analysts are…

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Strategic Systems Supports PowerMyLearning and Digital Learning to Ensure Technology’s Future


Two technology employment-related topics caught our attention recently here at Strategic Systems: 1) the US Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that it anticipates one million US programming jobs will go unfilled by 2020; and 2) a report produced by consultants at Deloitte found that over the past 150 years, technology has created more jobs than…

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What Is RTLS?

What is RTLS

What is RTLS? The acronym RTLS stands for real-time locating solution. In some cases, you might need to track the precise locations of objects. Other times, it’s enough to know that an item is in a general area. RTLS solutions can be configured to report tag location at different levels of granularity. You can also…

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Strategic Systems Named to Atlanta Best Places to Work for Fourth Consecutive Year

Atlanta Best Places to Work

Strategic Systems & Technology Corporation has been named to the Atlanta Best Places to Work for the fourth consecutive year. At Strategic Systems, we like to say that we’re not just experts in the field of enterprise RFID solutions, mobile computing, and other wireless technology. We’re experts in helping our customers capture and use the information they…

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