Exploring the Advantages of the MC3390R Integrated UHF RFID Reader

Adapting to customer expectations and supply chain demands is obviously critically important to maintaining customer relationships and productive operations. Adapting to shifts can help give your business a competitive edge and create more long-lasting customer relationships. Despite this, studies show that only 22% of companies have a proactive supply chain network that can address shifts in supply or demand before they become critical. Additionally, studies indicate that only 6% of companies report full visibility on their supply chain, which can lead to supply chain disruptions that cost a massive 62% hit to finances. A supply chain network that is more inactive and has incomplete visibility can not only be susceptible to harsh expenses but could also suffer from diminished accuracy and slower timelines, which is sure to anger customers.

Taking the time to choose solutions that can enhance visibility and accuracy can bring scalability to your supply chain network to make it more proactive. Many distribution centers and warehouses are turning to RFID technology that improves operations like inventory management and item locating to get more accuracy and visibility.

Elevate supply chain visibility with innovative RFID technology.

Finding versatile RFID solutions that deliver reliable performance, low TCO, and higher accuracy can be challenging to meet all those requirements and business needs.

Luckily, the MC3300R Series is Zebra’s latest RFID reader, building our proven legacy or leading RFID read performance and adding a future-ready Android mobility platform. Two models are available to meet your customer’s needs: the MC3390R for long-range data capture in light industrial, warehousing/supply chain, and manufacturing applications. Discover accurate tracking in challenging environments

  1. Combine rugged durability with superior ergonomics - Customers who want an Android-based RFID handheld no longer have to choose a less rugged solution that can create downtime. The MC3390R is one of the lightest devices that delivers all-day comfort, while also delivering higher durability that is specifically built for industrial environments with secure drop spec. Integrating durability with ease of use can help reduce device failures and implement smoother operations.
  2. Enhanced versatility with flexible development tools and lower TCO - Enable faster, more cost-effective development and management with the MC3390R’s software development kit, new EMDK and RFID SDK for Xamarin, and Mobility DNA. Creating simpler management and easier integration reduces expenses to help you manage supply chain disruptions to create a proactive environment.
  3. Higher accuracy with a best-in-class RFID read rate and range - Creating faster performance that doesn’t compromise accuracy in your fulfillment operations can help balance supply chain demands. Zebra’s high-performance radio technology delivers a read rate that is 25% faster, 40% more accurate, can capture RFID tags 200% farther away, and capture them in half the time compared to competitors. Faster and long-range data capture gives your business operations more flexibility.

    Creating visibility in your supply chain network starts with tracking and performance. Contact us today to discover how you can create proactive operations with RFID.