How Enterprise Handhelds Enhance Digital Wallets

Today, customers expect that they can use their mobile devices when they walk into a store or need a ticket scanned. Mobile wallets are a one-stop shop for purchases, tickets, loyalty cards, transit passes, etc. According to a study by Juniper Research, 5.2 billion people will be using digital wallets by 2026,  amounting to over half of the world's population. Is your business ready for the change? 

Strategic Systems & Technology offers a better way for your business to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape. No matter the field or industry, Enterprise Handhelds can boost productivity and customer satisfaction by offering an all-inclusive experience. 

  • Hospitality
    • Concierge services 
    • VIP access 
    • Membership/Student cards 
    • Digital passes 
    • Parking passes

  • Healthcare
    •  Insurance/Health account cards 
    • Personal authorization

  • Transit 
    • Transportation ticket validation (train, bus, etc.)
    • Boarding passes
    • Airport lounge access 
    • Passport validation

  • Retail
    • Loyalty and Membership cards
    • Points and Gift cards
    • Coupons

  • Sports & Entertainment 
    • Event ticket validation
    • VIP access
    • Team/club loyalty card

  • Law Enforcement
    • Mobile ID/License validation
    • Border control    


Enterprise Handheld Portfolio 

Zebra Technologies offers the largest and most diverse line of Mobile Computers and Tablets, including Apple VAS Certification and Google Smart Tap capability. Their rugged design is equipped to handle any environment while lasting a lifetime. Additionally, with the best data-capturing technology and built-in Wi-Fi, these will get you ready in no time.

By modernizing your business, you take the first step in becoming a reliable source of customer satisfaction. Each Zebra Technologies device is equipped for any task and compatible with various add-ons. Read about these devices below to determine which is right for you. 

Strategic Systems provides the latest technology to modernize your business and increase customer fulfillment. Choosing the most suitable device can be tricky, so let us help you. 

Contact Strategic Systems so we can assist in finding out how handheld devices can improve your business and maximize workflow efficiency.