Strategic Systems & OP/TECH USA Announce Collaboration to Enhance Warehouse Efficiency

In the evolving landscape of warehousing and fulfillment, the demand for solutions that bolster efficiency, safety, and productivity has never been higher. Enter the recent partnership between Strategic Systems, a leader in enterprise mobility and RFID solutions, and OP/TECH USA, specializing in ergonomic mobility innovations. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in addressing the intricate challenges of warehousing operations with cutting-edge, hands-free device solutions.

A Fusion of Expertise and Innovation

The synergy between Strategic Systems' technological prowess and OP/TECH USA's ergonomic advancements promises solutions tailored to enhance user comfort and device safety, aligning seamlessly with the warehousing sector's ever-growing demands. This partnership underscores both companies' commitment to innovation and sets a new standard for operational excellence in warehousing and fulfillment centers.

Ergonomic Solutions for Modern Warehousing

The collaboration introduces an array of ergonomic products designed to transform the use of handheld devices in the warehousing environment. Each product aims to mitigate common workplace challenges, marrying functionality with safety and comfort.

  • Scanner and Comfort Slings: Adjustable slings with breakaway connectors, ensuring safety and device protection.

OPTECH Warehouse Scanner Sling

  • Scanner Harnesses: Ergonomically designed harnesses available in multiple sizes for optimal comfort and functionality.

OPTECH Scanner Harness

  • Double Harnesses: Versatile harnesses for carrying one or two devices, adjustable for enhanced comfort and protection.

OPTECH Handheld Harness Double

  • Forklift Harnesses: Offering a custom fit to keep devices securely attached to the user.

OPTECH Forkswift Forklift  Strap

  • Wrist Straps: Easy-to-use straps promoting hands-free operation of scanners, enhancing mobility and security.

OPTECH Warehouse Scanner Wrist Strap

David Bissonnette, President and CEO of Strategic Systems, reflects on the partnership's impact: "By integrating OP/TECH USA's ergonomic solutions into our product offerings, we're poised to directly meet our clients' specific needs for enhanced safety and efficiency in warehouse operations."

Experience the Difference Yourself

In line with the partnership's commitment to operational excellence, Strategic Systems is thrilled to offer an exclusive opportunity to experience these innovations first-hand.

This initiative allows warehousing and fulfillment centers to witness the benefits of these ergonomic solutions first-hand. It reinforces the partnership's goal of delivering tangible workplace safety and productivity improvements.

Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your project and for further information on the partnership. We can also help you explore Strategic Systems' entire range of technology solutions, including mobile computers, barcode scanners, and RFID technologies.

This partnership represents a practical step towards delivering targeted solutions to warehousing and fulfillment centers, focusing on their unique needs for improved operational safety and efficiency.