Connecting with Your Staff is Made Easy with the EC30 Enterprise Companion

Communication within a staff can be crucial when it comes time to make a sale. There are moments when an employee may require the aid of a supervisor or manager to answer a question or find an item within their inventory. Many experts proposes that effective workplace communication can lead to many company benefits, including:  

  • Increases in employee engagement.
  • Encouraging productivity and innovation among staff.
  • Developing better relationships between clients and businesses, leading to more profits.

Zebra’s EC30 mobile device presents a great solution for bettering employee communication. An addition within Zebra’s Android device family, it can help to connect all your workers to help maximize your store or warehouse’s operational efficiency and communication. 

Its small size makes it easy to transport, as the EC30 weighs less than four ounces with a width of merely half an inch. Despite being tiny, employees will still be able to access important information within its display. Like many of its predecessors, the EC30 is durable and can be dropped, have water spilled on it, and be left in the dust without compromising the device. 

Battery power is no concern with the EC30, as a full charge gives more than enough juice needed to complete a full shift. Zebra’s battery management system equipped with each device will also aid in managing battery health and usage. 

The EC30 Offers Efficiency with Both Communication and Data Collection

The EC30 delivers excellent and easy-to-understand voice capabilities, including a secure texting feature and a walkie-talkie option validated through Microsoft Teams. Utilizing Zebra’s Mobility DNA PTT Express allows this communication to go even further, as employees will be able to instantly reach out to other team members with a mere push of a button. These features help to keep unconnected workers in the loop on company updates and important messages during their work hours. 

Each device is also fully equipped with 1D/2D barcode scanning capabilities. This will allow workers to perform data collection tasks with more efficiency all while being able to communicate effectively as they work, whether they’re doing a price check on an item or inputting an inventory search. 

The EC30 mobile device is the perfect device for businesses wanting a better sense of connectivity within their workplace. It’s durable, portable, and powerful, giving each of your staff members a proper tool to maximize workplace efficiency, which is one of our biggest goals here at Strategic Systems with all the technology we offer. Please reach out to our team for more information or any questions.