Exploring a Contactless Future: 5 Reasons to Enhance Enterprise Handhelds with Contactless Payment


With an endlessly advancing technological world, Zebra is ahead of the curve when it comes to mobile payment systems. Of the world’s 6.5 billion smartphone users, just over half—3.4 billion people—carry a mobile wallet, too. In fact, in just a few year’s time, it is estimated that 5.2 billion people will be carrying mobile wallets—marking 60% of the world’s population.

Why mobile wallets? Easy: secure and convenient access to your wallet. Holding everything that would be in a physical wallet, mobile wallets conveniently live in the one thing everyone has with them at all times—their smartphone. In those mobile wallets, of course, are debit and credit cards of many kinds. But, what about cards like membership or loyalty cards? That’s where Zebra stands out.

With Zebra’s mobile devices, your employees are guaranteed to have the ability to process and work with non-payment related cards—anytime, anywhere. These dependable and versatile devices are equipped with a number of features that make contactless mobile wallets seamless: 

  1. Validation support - A standard for all Zebra mobile devices, they are able to interact with Apple Value Added Services (VAS) and Google Smart Tap from the moment they come out of the box. 2. Ahead of the game, so you don’t have to be - Zebra devices are equipped to support the coming three versions of Android. So, when Android is updated, a required application update will not be triggered. 
  2. Swift, smooth transactions, everytime - Zebra’s mobile devices connect with items in Apple and Google digital wallets in less than a second, saving time and keeping customers happy. 4. Just a tap away, easy access to all items - In most Zebra devices, a NFC antenna is intuitively placed so there is no need to precisely align the devices with customer’s smartphones. Making every transaction just a tap away, maximizing total efficiency. 
  3. Industry leading technologies - Zebra devices lead competitors in speed, ease, dependability. Additionally, they include some of the largest memory spaces to make processing even the most intense apps easy. And, of course, each device has a superior battery lifecycle that ensures capacity and safety. 

Heading Towards a Hands-Free Tomorrow 

Contactless mobile wallets are just the beginning when it comes to our ever-evolving technological landscape. For more information on accelerating your business’ technology, contact Strategic Systems.