Zebra's RFD90 Rugged Sled

5 benefits of enhancing tracking with Zebra’s RFD90 Rugged Sled

Accurately tracking inventory is especially important in manufacturing and logistics workflows since delays can quickly snowball into shortages and customer dissatisfaction. Accurately tracking stock with mobile technology can help complete more orders and satisfy customers. Studies show that 71% of decision-makers are accelerating the timelines of their modernization plan within a year. Without accelerating modernization plans, a business could suffer from slower shipments and decreased customer satisfaction. However, current RFID advancements provide a new path toward efficiency.

Flexible technology like RFID scanning optimizes fulfillment and inventory counts by delivering real-time visibility that helps create more adaptable operations. This is beneficial in the digital age when customers expect faster shipping with virtually 100% accuracy rates. While an RFID solution seems time and energy-consuming, adaptable technologies like Zebra’s RFD90 sled ease implementation with:

  1. Ultra-rugged design and robust performance – Manufacturing and logistics industries require your workers to withstand challenging environments to complete tasks. Work confidently in extreme weather and demanding environments with the RFD90’s industrial grade dual IP65/67 sealing, 6-foot drops to concrete spec, and consistent operation in extreme temperatures.
  2. Enhanced data capture capabilities with advanced features – Faster read capabilities from the RFD90 sleds read up to 1,300 RFID tags per second, reducing inventory times and improving worker efficiency and productivity. This accelerates cycle counts and reduces inventory times with a read rate up to 30% faster than competitors. They also come equipped with an integrated barcode scanner that scans 1D or 2D barcodes up close or at a distance, capturing information even when codes are faded or damaged.
  3. Flexible connectivity with future-proofing in mind – A connected workplace establishes smoother operations because teams can inform each other of important information and which tasks need to be completed. Flexible RFID like the RFD90 delivers this with integrated Bluetooth wireless capabilities and adaptors that allow you to mount a broad selection of Zebra mobile computers.
  4. Simplified integration and remote management – Fortified connections from the RFD90’s WiFi 6 capabilities enable easy over-the-air device management, even without a mobile computer or smartphone attached. This helps reduce training times and minimize downtime spent managing devices.
  5. Comfort and ease – A balanced ergonomic design and a wider handle can maximize worker productivity and reduce forearm strain. Giving your workers more comfortable solutions with an integrated look-and-feel enhances user experiences to improve flexibility and efficiency.

Flexible RFID helps improve inventory accuracy and fulfillment with enhanced durability and advanced data capture. Contact us today to choose scalability for your critical operations.

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