Zebra FXR90 fixed reader gets tough on RFID asset tracking

Asset tracking requires reliable technology that can withstand the harshest environments. When there’s no room for error or downtime, the Zebra FXR90 fixed reader gets tough on RFID asset tracking. 

Your profitability depends on maximizing operational efficiency. You need a viable solution to improve end-to-end workflow and accuracy across your operation—receiving, inventory and materials management, picking, packing and staging, cross docking, shipping, and reverse logistics.

Having real-time visibility of your assets enables faster, smarter decision-making based on actual counts, not estimates. When your RFID reader can track your inventory, equipment, and movement at unheard-of speeds, you also have the freedom to put your workforce to more productive use.

Your asset tracking solution must also deliver unrelenting reliability—in performance and connectivity. You can’t afford downtime from an equipment malfunction. Also, dead zones are a natural part of manufacturing, warehouse, distribution, and transportation environments. But when you choose the right asset tracking solution, connectivity is no longer an issue.

You need the power of RFID. But it can’t be just rugged. It has to be ultra-rugged!

An ultra-rugged reader that earns its name

Zebra is the leader in developing technology solutions for demanding workplaces, like manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and transportation and logistics. When you need rugged, responsive, and reliable technology, Strategic Solutions knows that Zebra comes through.


The Zebra FXR90 Ultra-Rugged Fixed RFID Reader is engineered to deliver fast, accurate, and uninterrupted asset tracking with real-time data whenever you need it. The M12 connectors are sealed to industrial-grade IP65 and IP67 ratings, so extreme temperatures—from -40℉ to 149℉—dirt, water, and dust can’t prevent this fixed RFID reader from doing its job.


The Zebra FXR90 boasts an impressive read rate of up to 1,300 tags per second. Along with speed, the FXR90’s read range captures data up to 100 feet away. 


Zebra designed the FXR90 Ultra-Rugged Fixed RFID Reader to easily fit within your network configuration. 5G, GPS, and private cellular (including CBRS) are built into the device. Previously inaccessible, remote areas are no longer a problem because you can choose Wi-Fi or 5G cellular, avoiding the need for ethernet cabling.

Powering up the Zebra FXR90 also reflects its flexibility. The IP67 sealed AC/DC power supply lets you power it indoors or outdoors. The DC/DC supply gives you the option to power the device from a vehicle. And you can also wire the reader directly to an electrical panel or vehicle battery. 


Installing this Zebra RFID reader is easy. Whether you deploy the flush mount or the articulating VESA mount option, the reader can be mounted on a variety of pole sizes.

Discover the value of a trusted partner

For almost 25 years, Strategic Systems has been exploring, experiencing, and examining the development of RFID technology. We’ve deployed solutions at all levels while serving a full range of industries, including warehousing and distribution, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, field service, energy and utilities, governmentretail, and healthcare

In order to be an RFID expert, the professionals at Strategic Systems have studied and tested the best practices. We access the complete portfolio of Zebra RFID technology solutions. Then, Strategic Systems supports our clients from building the solution to maintaining a trusted partnership long after the sale.

Whether you’re new to RFID or looking to maximize its immense potential, talk to us at Strategic Systems. It’s a conversation that will be the beginning of a strong ROI.