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5 benefits of enhancing tracking with Zebra’s RFD90 Rugged Sled

Zebra's RFD90 Rugged Sled

Accurately tracking inventory is especially important in manufacturing and logistics workflows since delays can quickly snowball into shortages and customer dissatisfaction. Accurately tracking stock with mobile technology can help complete more orders and satisfy customers. Studies show that 71% of decision-makers are accelerating the timelines of their modernization plan within a year. Without accelerating modernization…

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How RFID is Transforming Asset Tracking in the Modern Production Floor

warehouse rfid asset tracking

Manufacturing teams can work as much as 12 hours a day during normal seasons, but studies suggest production lines operate as much as 96 hours per week during peak seasons. Between worker stress and higher customer demands, there are many possibilities for bottlenecks and delays to drain profitability. As a result, the demand for simplistic…

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What can a mobile computer upgrade actually do for your business?

Leading the modernization charge, next-generation mobile computers have long proven indispensable in today’s fast-paced supply chains. From minimizing repetitive tasks to facilitating real-time data sharing, mobile computers have almost become the face of current modernization efforts; however, a little over 40% of warehouses have not fully disclosed plans to optimize mobile computing within the next…

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What Could Your Intelligent Warehouse Look Like?

More than two-thirds of today’s warehouses recognize the importance of automated efficiency in remaining competitive in the fast-paced market. From the e-commerce boom to the global pandemic, several factors have pressured warehouses to deliver fast, accurate, quality order fulfillment within smaller timeframes and with fewer resources.  As a result, intelligent automation solutions have gained the…

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Zebra is Android Enterprise Recommended … and So Much More

We are pleased to share that Zebra has earned Google’s respected and prestigious AndroidTM Enterprise Recommended (AER) certification. This certification is awarded to select Android devices that meet the elevated needs of the enterprise. This certification was created to allow businesses to confidently deploy Android devices in the enterprise by providing a short list of…

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