Revolutionize Retail with Zebra’s MC9400 Mobile Computer

As the premier scanning mobile computer, the MC9400 is equipped with all the newest mobile technologies to make inventory management as seamless as possible. With the ability to connect to any printer, these devices are quicker and built to masterfully interact with the new generation of industrial applications. Adaptable with Wi-Fi 6E and both private and public 5G, this Zebra barcode scanner can interact with the best of today’s wireless connections. The MC9400 is equipped with state-of-the-art data capturing and communication technologies. If you are looking to optimize your realm of retail through technology and automation, look toward the MC9400—the best-in-class scanner gun. This device will bring the most to your operations with its countless innovative features, including:

  • State-of-the-art scanning capability – With this long-range scanner, scanning barcode labels is as easy as it’s ever been, as it has the largest in-hand scanning range of over 100ft (30.5m)—thanks to SE58 Extended Range Scan Engine that is fueled by IntelliFocus™ technology.
  • Unlimited connectivity – The first gun-style device to connect with both private and public 5G wireless data connectivity, providing cost-effective wireless network options for both indoor and outdoor environments, making it optimal for inventory management for small businesses and large, alike.
  • Instant access – Equipped with four times the average bandwidth and capacity, three times the speed and up to three times the spectrum available—providing employees with immediate and trustworthy application response times and increasing overall productivity and workflow effectiveness, making this the most efficient of all warehouse automation technologies. 
  • Smooth snapshots – Designed with second-to-none camera technology with a high-resolution front-facing camera that is built for video-based collaborations and a highest resolution rear camera with HDR for highly detailed photos. 
  • Uniquely yours – With biometric facial recognition technology, your employees have easily accessible devices while you have the peace of mind knowing that your devices have restricted access to pre-authorized users, completely removing the risk of compromised passwords.

With its countless contemporary features, the MC9400 is built to bring the best to you. From reverse logistics, price verifications and updates, and store receiving to online order fulfillment and backroom inventory management, these devices are tailored to revolutionize the realm of retail. If you are looking to achieve maximized levels of efficiency and productivity, reach out to Strategic System today.