Official, Efficient, Versatile: Zebra’s ET80/ET85

The ET80/ET85 are built for work and are perfect for state and local government and public safety operations. From routing and dispatch communications, personnel tracking, and incident reporting to patient care reporting, e-citation, records management, mobile incident command, and inventory management, these devices are made to get things done efficiently and productively. This is where the ET80/ET85 shines. They are built with the support for the innovative wireless connectivity of Wi-Fi 6E, 4G/5G, and more. These devices are tailored to keep workers in contact with the people and information they need, every second of every day. As workers continuously move from work environment to work environment, they need the ET80/ET85, tablets that can instantaneously evolve into a laptop or a fully formed or mobile workstation to properly meet the needs of the respective task at hand. They are compatible with Zebra-only software tools that enhance collaboration and productivity to the highest levels. In addition to that, they are filled with countless feature and accessory options that will enable you to provide the perfect device for every task. The ET80/ET85 provides official mobility for official jobs, with features including, but not limited to: 

  • Dynamic Versatility – The ET80 and ET85 are the perfect laptop replacements, as they are designed with state-of-the-art flexibility that no laptop can provide. With these devices, you can go from tablet to laptop and then back in an instant by simply adding and removing the durable keyboard attachment. Need maximal levels of mobility? The standard tablet has you covered. Need to streamline data entry processes? With the friction hinge, the durable keyboard attachment enables you to see the screen from virtually any angle—instead of a limited, pre-existing set of angles. 
  • Brilliant Business Display – Designed with a large, 12-inch screen and a 3:2 all-business aspect ratio—which offers more space to display more information, enhancing ease of use and productivity. Additionally, the screen is easy to see both indoors and out, even in the brightest sunlight. The touchscreen works even when wet or when using gloves. 
  • Amazing Audio – These devices provide dual speakers, as well as four noise cancelling microphones in both the front and back that block out background noise. Whether you’re using push-to-talk or on a video call, identifying notes, or utilizing voice commands to accomplish a vast array of actions on the tablet, you, the callers, and your device will always hear every word of everything you say.

From the production line workers in the manufacturing sector that make the products we need to the first responders that keep our communities safe to the teams of field service workers that manage the utility infrastructure to government officials who keep everything running smoothly, we depend on the workers that are essential to the way we live our lives, every day. With these workers in mind, it is beyond evident that they need to be equipped with more than just a durable tablet. They, clearly, need a device that is designed for the essential work they do—the ET80/ET85. If you’re looking to reach optimal levels of efficiency and productivity, reach out to Strategic Systems today!