The Next Generation of Hands-Free Wearable Computing: Zebra’s WT6400

The next generation is here, and it’s Zebra’s state-of-the-art wearable computer, the WT6400. The WT6400 is the newest development in Zebra’s portfolio of wearable computers. It’s filled with countless advancements that deliver unprecedented increases in productivity in all hands-free computing workflows. In that, the WT6400 brings a new level of adaptability, ease of use, and comfort to employees who are picking orders, sorting products, and handling inventory in the distribution center, manufacturing plant, and warehouse. Equipped with a touchscreen display is more than double the size of the previous generation, supplying more screen space to display the information your employees need to view and work with to get their jobs done. Equipped with a built-in keypad that is situated directly under the display screen, which delivers accessibility for both left and right-handed workers—providing enhanced levels of flexibility to manual-data-entry-based workflows. As versatile as wearable computers get, the WT6400 can be used virtually anywhere throughout your facilities—including your freezers, too. This next generation future-proof device provides cutting-edge processing power and support for current and coming versions of Android. Designed for durability and ruggedness, the WT6400 is equipped to last for years. Included with wrist straps that allow for a customized, maximally comfortable fit on arms of any size. With the WT6400, you will enhance the efficiency of your workflows and the productivity of your workforce. It is the ultimate wearable computer that is designed to take your operations to the next level, thanks to its state-of-the-art features, including (but not limited to):

  • Frigidly fantastic components – The WT6400’s internal components are built for freezers, hindering negative effects from the cold on processing speeds and application performance. Its extensive battery technology allows the device to operate at temperatures as low as -22°F—guaranteeing power for an entire shift, even if the user spends a majority of their shift in the freezer. Typically, freezing temperatures can make plastics especially brickle and vulnerable to shattering when bumped or dropped. The WT6400 housing plastics are specifically tailored to deliver the same level of protection to shattering both inside and out of the freezer.
  • Seamless strap options – Comes with three adaptable wrist strap options that enable you to choose the strap that fits you best. These include Velcro, single, and double dial options. Your employees can adjust the straps to the proper fit for arms of any size, regardless of if it’s the right or left, or a man or woman.
  • Helpful hip mounts – Available with a hip mount option that smoothly clips to your employees’ belt, enabling them to wear the WT6400 wearable computer on their hip instead of their arm.

Implementing the WT6400 will improve the efficiency of your order picking, give you instant access to information, and streamlined inventory management processes. With this device, your employees will get access to order details and the optimal picking path directly—providing augmented visibility that decreases errors, enhances accuracy, and increase fulfillment speeds of your warehouse. Not only that, but your employees can access inventory data, order details, and picking instructions in real-time—improving their decision-making and reducing miscommunication-based mistakes. With the WT6400, your employees can seamlessly scan products, which streamlines inventory management processes, reduces errors, and saves time and money. Ultimately, if you want to take your business to the next level, reach out to Strategic Systems today!