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What Could Your Intelligent Warehouse Look Like?

More than two-thirds of today’s warehouses recognize the importance of automated efficiency in remaining competitive in the fast-paced market. From the e-commerce boom to the global pandemic, several factors have pressured warehouses to deliver fast, accurate, quality order fulfillment within smaller timeframes and with fewer resources. 

As a result, intelligent automation solutions have gained the spotlight for their ability to increase throughput, reduce repetitive tasks, adapt to sudden changes in the supply chain, and lower deployment time. As a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, Strategic Systems & Technologies explores Zebra’s Intelligent Edge Solutions (IES) and their ability to enhance the modern intelligent warehouse. 

It started with automated data capture and turned into something more.

At its core, the intelligent warehouse should be able to minimize wasteful labor while accommodating new workflow changes proactively. Automated barcode scanning was able to accomplish this, yet Zebra’s IES solutions take warehousing intelligence a step farther by enabling:

  • Real-time inventory tracking – RFID technology has made great strides in facilitating in-motion inventory tracking. Solutions such as MotionWorks utilizes RFID visibility to reduce delays by 80% as products are accounted for and verified throughout the warehouse.  
  • Remote asset visibility and management – In addition to tracking inventory, visibility solutions like Visibility IQ help manage deployed assets by tracking utilization, performance, and battery lifespan to make sure crucial assets are properly functioning. This reduces the risk of sudden breakdowns and misplacements, which can be costly if left unchecked.  
  • Directed workflows based on collected data – From efficient trailer packing to predictive insights, warehouse data can be leveraged to properly direct workflows and pick paths. Handheld computers can scan, process, and share actionable data to target inventory counts, material delivery, truck movement, and even workforce density to increase worker safety.   
  • Faster workforce onboarding – Unlike Windows’ outdated operating system, Android for Enterprise helps facilitate onboarding with a familiar interface that helps lower training times by 90% when paired with Zebra’s user-friendly devices such as wearable computers and hands-free scanning. Less time spent in training equals more time dedicated to quickly processing orders, ultimately boosting fulfillment rates.  
  • Dependable workforce communication – From the production floor to the last mile, your workforce does the most to ensure continuous productivity. Secured communication channels like Workforce Connect keep teams unified, enabling real-time alerts and notifications deployed onto your current mobile devices without additional telecom costs. 

Explore are the possibilities IES brings in our brochure.

Warehousing intelligence is built from the inside out. That’s why Strategic Systems & Technologies works closely alongside your teams to prevent disruptions while maximizing efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about how you can leverage the benefits of Zebra IES in your operations.  

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