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3 Simple Solutions for Better Warehouse Communication

Warehouses have never been under more pressure to fulfill more orders faster and more efficiently. This is why it pays to close gaps in operational fundamentals such as workforce communication.

Every day, warehouses and their workers lose valuable time and efficiency due to communication problems that include the following challenges:

  • Not being able to reach team members
  • Not having easy access to multiple communication methods
  • Having to switch between multiple devices to communicate
  • Managers being stuck in the office not out on the floor when they’re needed

Fortunately, there are three simple solutions to solve these and many other communication challenges while also optimizing your mobile data capture and workflows. Here are our top recommendations.

1. All-in-One Warehouse Communication with Workforce Connect

Zebra’s Workforce Connect allows workers to use a single device for all their warehouse communications, including push-to-talk, voice calls, email, texting, and data. They can make calls, instantly reach co-workers and, run all communications on the same device they use to run business-critical apps and scan barcodes.

It all happens through Workforce Connect’s cloud-based services over Wi-Fi or cellular networks. The software is incredibly easy to deploy and use, and you can even customize it for your warehouse.

Workforce Connect makes it easy to reach team members wherever they are, at any time, through a variety of methods that suit your business practices and workflows. There are several modules that provide everything from push-to-talk and texting to PBX calls and even group or site-to-site communication services over cellular or Wi-Fi networks.

The end result is seamless real-time communications and connectivity for your workers without the need for juggling or switching between separate radios or devices.

2. Zebra’s MC9300 Android Touch Handheld Mobile Computer

Zebra’s MC9300 is the next evolution in ultra-rugged warehouse mobile computing. It’s a device that combines Android touch screen workflows with advanced barcode scanning that captures data from as close to 3 inches to as far away as 70 feet.

The MC9300 is ideal for scanning barcodes on warehouse shelves or racks, and even in the uppermost reaches of the warehouse. It can capture up to 20 barcodes with a single trigger pull.

It also comes with Zebra’s WorryFree WiFi for near-instant app response times, unmatched roaming performance, and exceptional voice quality. In addition, Workforce Connect comes built-in so warehouse workers can instantly communicate from anywhere in your facility.

3. Zebra’s XPAD L10 Rugged Tablets for Warehouse Managers

To solve the challenge of warehouse managers being tethered to their offices, Zebra’s XPAD L10 tablet is an ideal solution. It’s a tablet, laptop, and barcode reader in one device, with a hard-handle for easy carrying, a magnesium frame for harder-than-steel durability, and a Corning® Gorilla® Glass display for maximum damage resistance.

The XPAD L10 features an 8-core Intel Core-Series processor, extensive RAM and storage options, and latest-generation NFC, Bluetooth, 802.11ac Wi-FI, GPS and 4G LTE connectivity options. It has the power for resource-intensive business apps and Zebra’s Workforce Connect, plus it gives managers the mobility to take communication and productivity wherever they need to be in the warehouse.

The XPAD L10 also delivers instant alerts, replaces disruptive intercom systems, and allows managers to access their warehouse management system to see the status of inventory and workflows on the go.

If you’re looking for practical and highly effective ways to improve your warehouse communication and optimize your mobile computing and data capture for maximum productivity and efficiency, we highly recommend these three solutions.

To learn more, get pricing and find out if these solutions are right for your warehouse, contact our mobility experts at Strategic Systems.

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