3 Ways RFID Sleds Revolutionize Manufacturing Plants


RFID technology has revolutionized how distributors and manufacturing plants scan, sort, and locate items for more than 40 years. One of the most effective ways of integrating RFID technology in the workplace is through Zebra RFID Sleds. These portable devices allow for easy inventory tracking that keeps your supply chain moving and sorted. Strategic Systems & Technologies has changed the work environment with its revolutionary device in three core aspects of manufacturing.

  1. Designed to Withstand Challenging Environments

Even with the most cautious care, the workplace can cause wear and tear on any product. Not only does this limit speed and workflow, but it also leads to a loss in revenue. Zebra Sleds were created with an ultra-rugged design in mind, keeping them safe from falls onto concrete up to six feet (1.8 meters). It also protects against dust, debris, and water with IP65 (spray) and IP67 (full submersion) industrial-grade IP ratings. The ergonomic grip keeps workers comfortable and productive for the entire day.

  1. Industry Leading Performance Technology

The time spent scanning or looking for items adds up over the workday, leading to backups or lost packages. Zebra Sleds are capable of reading over 1,300 tags per second, decreasing the total time spent scanning. RFD90 Sleds capture precise inventory counts with a range of 22 to 75 feet (6.7-22.8 meters) and with its item-finder mode, workers can quickly locate inventory, items, and assets.

  1. Versatile Software for Manufacturing Applications

RFID Sleds come with built-in Wi-Fi that makes it possible to configure and update the device without connecting to a smartphone or computer. The RFD90 also has adaptive compatibility with Zebra computers and smartphones, including solutions for other third-party devices. By having wireless capabilities RFID Sleds allow for easy management, as well as a wide variety of manufacturing applications, such as:

  • Tracking returnable transport objects (RTO) and work in progress (WIP).
  • Keeping inventory and cycling counts.
  • Ideal for raw materials inventory and locating items.

RFID Sleds are powerful devices that give distributors and manufacturing plants an efficient work environment. By integrating RFID Sled technology manufacturers can increase the control, speed, and accuracy they have over their inventory and tools. Why take the risk of older RFID technology when Zebra Sleds has a proven track record of improving and transforming the industry?

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