How is the HC50 Redefining Clinical Mobility

Clinical devices empower healthcare providers to enhance bedside point of care with secured access to patient data and staff communication. To maximize clinical mobility, Zebra unveiled its newest healthcare-ready handheld device – the HC50 Mobile Computer. Designed with the perfect balance of ergonomics, features, and cost, the HC50 unites adaptability and intelligence to strengthen workflows anywhere within the four walls. 

What’s New with the HC50?

Built on a legacy of previous ergonomic healthcare devices, the HC50 offers a streamlined form factor with the following innovations:

  • 33% thinner than previous models and more lightweight for maximized worker comfort.
  • 20% larger display in a 6-inch high-definition touchscreen. The HC50’s edge-to-edge display also reduces the need for scrolling, so users can view more data at once.
  • A 50% boost in CPU improves application and loading speed.
  • 4 times the bandwidth thanks to Wi-Fi 6, which also delivers 75% less latency so users can connect more devices without drastically altering their network infrastructure.
  • Up to 8 GB RAM for more storage.
  • Standard BLE batteries enable remote tracking for powered-down devices with Device Tracker, thus minimizing replacement costs.
  • A high-resolution rear camera assists in capturing detailed images for reporting.
Up to IP68 sealing with waterproof, medical-grade plastics that withstand tumbles and exposure to chemicals and constant cleaning. 

Upgrade with Minimal Disruptions

Because healthcare facilities work around the clock to serve patients, an ideal modernization solution should be frictionless and fast. That means technologies cannot be overly complex so as to not distract workers from providing quality care. In the past, consumer-grade devices have seemed like a good choice due to their familiar interface and low cost. However, consumer-grade devices tend to have shorter lifecycles and are not engineered to withstand constant disinfecting and long work hours. 

On the other hand, clinical devices like the HC50 simplify integration for maximum uptime with:

  • User-friendly Android interface to minimize learning curves.
  • Hot-swappable batteries that limit impacts on daily operations.
  • Device Tracker to locate misplaced assets for maximized device availability.
  • Advanced audio technology that enhances communication channels with easy-to-hear calls. 
  • Rugged design created for healthcare workflows and fewer repairs.
  • Flexible connectivity options to sustain connections anywhere within the four walls. 
  • HIPAA-compliant data sharing and secured text messages.
  • Integrated scanner and emergency notification button.
A new generation of clinical mobility has arrived – and the possibilities are endless. 

From scalable productivity applications to innovative ergonomics, modern clinical mobility must continue to evolve in order to meet new demands and best serve patients. To learn more about Zebra’s new HC50 handheld computer, contact our automation teams.