Zebra Certified Refurbished

Introducing the Zebra Certified Refurbished Mobile Device Program

Strategic Systems is pleased to announce the Zebra Certified Refurbished Mobile Devices Program, which provides you with 100% tested, 100% certified refurbished devices with the same exceptional performance you have come to expect from Zebra.

Zebra-certified refurbished devices offer you an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly option to keep your operations running smoothly while you plan for future technological refreshes. Zebra reclaims and refurbishes Zebra devices for your reuse with a seamless transition so you can have peace of mind knowing your business will continue to operate with devices refurbished with Zebra expertise and quality, from Zebra by Zebra and supported by Zebra.

Each Zebra-certified refurbished device undergoes a rigorous process, during which the operating system is reloaded and the functionality is tested, repaired (if required) and reset to factory settings. Refurbished devices come with operating system software and authorized software licenses to assure seamless, uninterrupted functionalities. Additional software applications and software support services can be provided upon request. Plus, Zebra and Strategic Systems can guide your transition from one technology to the next.

Zebra makes sure that their certified refurbished devices perform like new, with new batteries included and no clearly visible cosmetic damage to the device, plus a 90-day warranty backing and the option of purchasing one or two years of Zebra OneCare® service to ensure your devices move your business forward with no loss of support.

Only Zebra is qualified to provide Zebra-certified refurbished devices. They know their devices better than anyone. Their experience, technology, and components bring new life to used Zebra devices with the Zebra Certified Refurbished Mobile Devices Program.

Since 1999 Strategic Systems has helped our customers successfully deploy hundreds of thousands of mobile devices, from several at one site, to thousands of devices across many locations. Contact us to find out if Zebra certified refurbished devices make sense for your next technology refresh.

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