Why Cold Chain is Your Best Defense Against Recalls

Traversing the cold is never easy for anyone. The same is true about moving goods through the cold chain. A majority of vaccines need to be kept between 35°F and 46°F (2°C and 8°C) and roughly 40% of all food products need to be carried at certain temperatures to prevent textural changes, bruising, and bacterial growth. Of course, obstacles such as delays in transit, inadequate cold-chain technology, incorrect handling, and human error are all possible factors in the levels of spoiled products. As a result, about half of the world’s vaccines go to waste due to poor temperature control, as well as issues with shipping within the supply chain. Additionally, about 25% of all food products are trashed because of breaches in temperature. Your cold chain, quite literally, makes or breaks your business—as, per the International Trade Association, “over $260billion of annual bio-pharma sales are dependent on cold chain logistics to ensure the efficacy of their products.” 

Certainly, mobile devices play a crucial role in aiding teams obtain and analyze data throughout all operations—despite the cold chain being a rigorous environment for mobile technology. As teams use their devices between moving, chilled, and frozen environments, condensation can occur. As this happens, electronics can be ruined due to the ice that may form on keyboards, impairing one’s ability to enter data. Foggy display screens can be difficult to read, too. To combat these obstacles, rugged devices are specifically built to interact with environments within the cold chain. That’s where Strategic Systems comes into play, as they provide:

  • First-in-class solutions that get the job done, regardless of the work environment.
  • Technological features that guarantee the highest level of reliability in any cold chain environment.
  • Unique visibility features that ensure a seamless user experience for those wearing gloves while interacting with devices and applications. 

Thanks to SST’s integration of Zebra’s toughest devices, there is a portfolio of specifically engineered devices to bring visibility and efficient production across all avenues of the cold chain. In this assortment is an abundance of easy-to-use and durable mobile devices that ensure your team’s workflow is as efficient and safe as possible. These cold chain tools include:

  • Tough mobile computers, tablets, vehicle-mounted computers, and wearables that are built to endure all cold chain environments.
  • Ultra-rugged handheld scanners that produce a relentless performance to increase productivity, improve order accuracy, and speed up shipping times. 
  • Dependable, convenient mobile printers and official supplies that provide the latest connectivity interface with their mobile computers to guarantee precise and top-of-the-line printing and labeling inside of your cold storage areas—further increasing productivity and effectiveness. 
  • Electronic temperature sensors that provide effective decision-making without degrading environmental purity.

Ultimately, we all want to be the best we can be. If dominating the cold chain and maximizing the efficiency of your warehouse are goals of yours, contact Strategic Systems today to learn more about which Zebra devices are best fit for your goals and business.