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How Fixed Asset Tracking Optimizes Remote Workforces

Remote workforces have been on the rise long before the global pandemic, yet current health regulations have contributed to their popularity. Within the past 5 years, remote workforces have grown by 44%. However, as more industries seek to integrate remote employees, they are confronted with a new set of challenges such as:

  • Tracking maintenance schedules for deployed assets to prevent breakdowns
  • Collecting data and device status for audits
  • Locating broken/returned assets
  • Detachment from main operations
  • Inability to readily adapt to sudden changes and emergencies
  • Increased maintenance costs

Remote workforces are likely here to stay, yet that same doesn’t have to be said of these challenges. Harnessing enterprise-grade efficiency, fixed asset tracking simplifies asset management for remote workplaces by expanding visibility, connectivity, and security.

How (and Why) It Works

In the average workplace, whether it be the warehouse or the storefront, visibility, connectivity, and security work together to provide actionable insight into workflows, foster team collaboration, and protect business data. To do this remotely, digital technologies such as Zebra’s Intelligent Edge Solutions enable your workforce to:

  • Send and receive real-time updates – By eliminating the need for manual data processing, automated scanners and mobile computers can capture information and transcribe it immediately to a centralized management system. Automated data processing has been shown to increase productivity by 20% while diminishing overall maintenance costs.
  • Schedule necessary services only when needed – Distributed assets may not always share the same maintenance cycles, which may lead to certain assets being overlooked or over-serviced. Intelligent management software like PowerPrecision can help you track battery cycles and usage frequency. Likewise, dependable operating systems such as Android for Enterprise can automatically schedule OS updates while working with Zebra LifeGuard to run security patches every 90 days.
  • Accelerate crucial workflows – No matter where they happen, misplaced assets slow down productivity as workers must spend time searching for vital tools. Solutions like Zebra MotionWorks and Device Tracker help secure more uptime by increasing device availability with real-time locationing, so your workforce can have all the tools they need when and where they need them.

From RFID mobile computers to flexible internet connectivity, remote asset tracking can take on a variety of forms to fit your workforce size. Contact us today for a free comprehensive assessment of your current workflows to see how you can maximize visibility, connectivity, and security any time, at any place.

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