Is It Worth Updating Your Dated Green Screen Interfaces?

Green screen interfaces are based on 50-year-old technology that has many pros and cons. As newer devices with more processing power and capabilities come on the market, it’s time to consider updating your old screens.

Before you make the switch, it’s good to review why green screens have served you well over the years. First, they require low data overhead to run your apps, so they work well on older devices that may not have as much processing power. Green screens are also very responsive, and the browser-based applications are graphical and easy to read.

But as technology rapidly changes, the “cons” of green screens start to add up. They are a major draw on wireless bandwidth, which slows down app response time. And in terms of productivity, green screens were never considered performance boosters. When you give an employee a device, you want them to be as productive as possible with it, and green screens may be holding back your productivity.

Benefits of Updating Green Screen Interfaces

Since the end of life for Windows operating systems approaches, there’s much discussion about the future of mobility in the supply chain. Many businesses are making the switch to devices powered by the Android operating system. Android devices are secure and present opportunities for more features, applications, and usage. And features offered exclusively from Zebra Technologies, such as Mx extensions and the Mobility DNA suite of apps, complement and enhance the Android core.

All-Touch Terminal Emulation

Zebra’s Mobility DNA suite enhances the functionality of these devices in many areas. One of the apps in the suite, All-Touch Terminal Emulation (TE), allows you to update legacy green screens into graphics-based screens. Zebra’s TE app enables you to update the green screens out of the box with no IT help required. With more modern apps, your workers will have screens that are easier to read, complete tasks with fewer keystrokes, and train in a significantly shorter period.

The second big reason Zebra’s All-Touch TE is a game-changer is the flexible path it provides to migration. If you haven’t already started, you will need to start your migration to Android devices soon. By updating green screens with Zebra’s TE app, it’s far easier to migrate from Windows to Android. This migration must take place by the end of the year, or you’ll be putting your business at risk because you’ll no longer have Windows OS protection for viruses or bugs. All-Touch TE allows you to maintain existing Windows technology while simultaneously starting the necessary migration.

How All-Touch Terminal Emulation Improves Productivity

All-Touch TE can boost productivity in your business, so it’s wise to think about making the switch. Here’s how it can help you.

First, All-Touch TE will give your devices a modern interface. The interface is local to the device and doesn’t need a server. This modernization process makes your green screen interfaces look and behave like any Android GUI applications.

With the new interface, you can replace character-based menus with easy-to-read buttons, use scripting to improve user functions without changing back end systems, and enhance an application by pulling resources from other systems. Your workers will have more access to information, for example, the ability to view pictures of the items to be picked in a warehouse.

With All-Touch TE, you will also make green screen applications more efficient. You can add shortcuts to menus to advance to sub-menus, add productivity keys to automate the corresponding keystrokes, and replace a quantity field in a pick screen with a confirmation button, for example. By reducing the number of keystrokes, you can improve productivity and accuracy as well.

As you think about whether to update your green screens, remember that it’s more than just investing in new equipment. All-Touch TE can improve productivity and efficiency and help your workers gain more accuracy in their job. If you are interested in devices with All-Touch TE, contact us to find out more, schedule a demo, or learn about our rebate program.

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