3 Areas Rugged Tablets Enhance In Warehouses

In today’s world, especially, rugged tablets have quickly transitioned into one of the most popular and relied on business-grade assets in workplaces across the world. With that said, however, the differences between standard tablets and enterprise-grade rugged tablets are still fairly misunderstood. As we know, many people today can enjoy both in their free time to browse the internet, watch videos, check and send emails, connect with friends and family, and so many other pastimes. In that, unfortunately, many people do not understand just how versatile tablets can be at the industrial level when leveraged for specific functions and jobs. In warehousing settings, in particular, rugged tablets can serve as a virtual and mobile workstation for employees that are on-the-go—as it enables workers to carry out important operations, manage business analytics, and work together with other staff members in varying locations. At the same time, rugged tablets are tough enough to withstand the intensive physical contact, being submerged underwater, and extreme temperatures and environmental conditions. Their memory and processing capacities are designed to easily outwork consumer devices; this is an essential function when utilizing workforce applications and software to maintain fulfillment operations, such as warehouse management systems (WMSs). Of the many benefits that the implementation of rugged tablets can bring to warehouses, the following three are especially prominent.

  • Inventory Management – Although handheld devices, like mobile computers, can deliver a lot of information to and from your WMS, they will never be able to provide the level of detail that a rugged tablet can provide. In addition to that, rugged tablets can also carry out seamless cycle counts, track perishable products, and maintain and manage your stockroom. In the blink of an eye, you can pinpoint an item without the need of physically moving. This in and of itself is a huge benefit as it preserves the physical states of your employees while also maintaining their level of morale, since these devices eliminate countless mundane and tedious steps in completing everyday tasks in the warehouse. 
  • Order Fulfilment – Rugged tablets are pivotal players in fulfilling orders because they provide a level of flexibility you cannot find with other types of devices. In that, tablets deliver a similar desktop experience you would find in an office space that is coupled with unmatched mobility. Without question, the users of rugged tablets experience a move innovative look into what’s going on and off your shelves, in and out of the loading dock, and provides visibility throughout the shipping and delivery processes. 
  • Asset Management – When paired with the right asset management software, rugged tablets enable you to keep track of your assets so you know exactly where they are, who has them, and when you can expect to have them back. Moreover, thanks to their touchscreen design, employees, vendors, customers, and whoever else uses your tablets can conveniently use their finger or a stylus to interact with the devices. A rugged tablet can also assist in tracking the physical condition of assets, ensuring that production-hindering downtime is prevented. 

All in all, regardless of what your warehousing operations call for, rugged tablets are surely built to handle it all in an efficient and productive manner. So, if you’re looking to enhance your business’ levels of efficiency, productivity, and profitability, look no further than Strategic Systems! Reach out to us today to learn more.