How to Ensure a Successful Mobile Device Rollout

There are many reasons why your company needs to upgrade their mobile devices. What you probably aren’t prepared for are the consequences of this mobile device rollout. Moving from one set of devices to another – especially if you’re switching operating systems – can be a bit like herding cattle.

It requires quite a bit of training. You also need to be prepared for the inevitable, in this case, employees who won’t like the changes and technology that might malfunction once or twice due to user errors. As long as you follow this advice, then your mobile device rollout will go as smoothly as possible.

Train Your Employees In Advance

The number one way to have a successful mobile device deployment is by training your employees on the new devices in advance. This requires making them sit through a training session. This session should be led by a member of your training department – one who knows the ins and outs of the new mobile devices.

A manual, along with plenty of diagrams, should be given to every employee who will be using this new technology. On top of this, the training session needs to include some one on one with the new devices, with a trainer standing nearby in order to explain how it works, just in case questions arise.

Don’t Take Away the Old Technology Right Away

Unless you absolutely have to, you should have the old technology on hand. This allows your employees to transition from the old to the new gradually. Plus, it will handy to have around should something go wrong with the new devices. This may not always be possible – you might need to make the transitions fast – but if it is, definitely go ahead with this slow rollout. Of course, if you have employees who will fight the changes tooth and nail, then you need to ignore this advice and just make the transition as rapidly as possible.

Expect Backlash During the Mobile Device Rollout

You need to be prepared for a backlash. While your employees will (eventually) understand why they need to get used to the new equipment, some of them will still make a fuss. People get used to doing things the same way. Everyone loves a routine. Switching their mobile devices to an entirely new set disrupts that routine, throwing some of them into chaos. As long you’re ready for this backlash and have a plan in place for dealing with it, then everything will go somewhat smoothly (or as smoothly as possible, anyway.)

Be Prepared For Anything

Finally, you need to be prepared for anything. You might have issues with the new devices that are due to user error. Your employees might decide to hide away some of the old devices so that they can keep using them. There is any number of issues that might arise during the transitions process. As long as you are open-minded and prepared for just about anything, then you will get through the rollout with your sanity intact. At least one person in the company needs to be aware that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Next Steps

Deploying mobile devices can be challenging, but solution providers like Strategic Systems offer cost effective and comprehensive mobile device services to help you simplify the process. Typically these services are best suited for deployments of 50 or more devices, those with multiple locations, or devices from several manufacturers.

Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about our mobile device rollout offering.