Zebra VC8300 vehicle mount mobile computer on forklift.

Introducing the VC8300 Vehicle Mount Computer

With your Windows-based vehicle mount mobile computers near end-of-life and support for Windows-based mobile devices is ending, you’re ready to migrate to Android™. You need a rugged device that will make that migration and device management simple, easy and cost-effective. You need a keyboard to support your ‘green screen’ apps today, and a touchscreen to support the Android apps of tomorrow. And you need enterprise-class control of the Android operating system. Get it all with the VC8300, the ultimate ultra-rugged Android vehicle mount computer.

Zebra VC8300 Vehicle-Mount Computer
The all new VC8300 vehicle-mounted computer from Zebra Technologies.

The following benefits ensure that the VC8300 is a perfect fit in virtually any warehouse vehicle:

Keypad and touchscreen support for your TE apps right out of the box.

The VC8300 vehicle mount computer supports your TE apps right out of the box. The built-in keyboard delivers the same experience your workers have today — no change in workflow, no training required. And when you’re ready to migrate to touch-based input, the VC8300’s touchscreen combines with Zebra’s pre-installed All-touch TE to easily turn your ‘green screens’ into the elegant, touch-centric and easy-to-use apps your workforce expects — boosting worker productivity.

Long-term support and a common platform in the warehouse.

Are you looking for a vehicle mount platform that can help you meet sky-rocketing customer demands and address Microsoft’s end of life for Windows CE? The VC8300 vehicle mount computer has all the features you need. Get long-term security and a long product lifecycle with the latest Android platform. Run your TE apps today, and move to more graphical Android apps tomorrow. And streamline operations with a common platform in your material handling vehicles, as well as your worker’s handheld and wearable devices.

Fits every vehicle and environment.

The VC8300 is a perfect fit in virtually any warehouse vehicle and environment. Since the 8-inch screen and keyboard are integrated into a single housing, you get a compact design that fits in even the most space-constrained stand-up or sit-down forklift. And the ultra-rugged VC8300 is ready for your most extreme environments — inside the warehouse, out in the yard, on the loading dock and even in the freezer.

Mobility DNA for an unmatched feature set — and value.

Zebra Mobility DNA provides powerful features that no other competitive product can offer — features that simplify everything from data capture to device management. And with LifeGuard™ for Android™ (available with your warranty and a Zebra OneCare contract), you can count on Zebra to provide 10 years of OS support, including security patches. Security support matches your device lifecycle — and you decide when to upgrade to a newer version of Android.

Maximize vehicle mount computer uptime and business ops with optional services.

We can help you design, integrate, deploy and support your solution. Zebra OneCare Support Services deliver unmatched technical support and repair services. Zebra OneCare Visibility Services provide critical device data, such as insight into device utilization by location. And Strategic System’s Mobile Device Services put all the pieces together to maximize design, deployment, and implementation success.

Learn more about the VC8300 vehicle mount computer or contact us today to request a no-obligation consultation with Strategic Systems here.

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