Expect More from Your Desktop Printer with the ZD411

Industrial printers provide fast, high-resolution printing for fast-paced operations. However, their bulky frames are not always ideal for smaller workspaces. Nevertheless, small-scale, desktop workflows can still require fast, crisp label printing. Instead of compromising between label quality and hardware size, Zebra’s ZD411 2-inch printer combines enhanced printing speeds, unmatched security, and intuitive setup and media loading to deliver quality labels around the clock. 

How is the ZD411 Different from its Predecessors? 

Built on a foundation of enterprise-ready durability, the new desktop printer raises the bar in label printing by including the following improvements:

  • Inclusion of the entire Print DNA software suite
  • Managed Print Services (MPS) enabled for remote monitoring 
  • Automated label replenishment signals
  • Movable media sensor
  • Optimized peeler and cutter for small label lengths less than 0.5 inches

To merge ease of use and adaptability, the ZD411 relies on simplistic features such as easy media loading, flexible connectivity, and intuitive LED icons for seamless navigation. Furthermore, the printer empowers future scalability as your modernization strategy grows. 

4 Ways the ZD411 Supports Effective Modernization

  1. New architecture expands the device’s capabilities – The ZD411 integrates field-installable media handling and wireless connectivity, which allows the device to keep up with higher demands for fast labels in any space.  
  2. Easy remote management alleviates IT teams – Zebra’s Print DNA applications simplify software deployment and enable remote troubleshooting and updates. Moreover, its color-coded touch points guide users on media loading, so your IT teams don’t need to worry about extensive training. 
  3. Zebra PrintSecure prevents breaches – With hackers now targeting peripheral devices like printers, Zebra’s PrintSecure was formed to ward off unauthorized users. Configure access settings, data exchange parameters, and wireless security to stay in step with cybersecurity best practices. 
  4. Future-forward systems reduce unnecessary operation time – The ZD411’s powerful processor accommodates multiple tasks running at once, sparing users from prolonged wait times. Additionally, the ZD411 is compatible with multiple printer languages, giving you more room to adapt operations to a solution that best serves your workflows. 

The ZD411 is only one of the many desktop printers elevating productivity in the supply chain. Speak to our modernization team to explore our full printer portfolio and discover a printing solution that grows alongside your optimization plans.