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Product Manager/Owner

We’ve channeled our extensive RFID technology and mobility experience into creating a scalable, flexible cloud-based platform that enables companies to track the movement of people and items within their organization using multiple technologies, providers, and devices.

We have a small, talented development team, and are looking for a smart, experienced software Product Manager/Owner with demonstrable experience in getting a financially successful SaaS product to market, and, in general, getting things done. You will help us maintain and expand our cloud-based application configuration platform, and the solutions built on it.

This is a small team and people fulfill multiple roles.  You’ll note this position is for Product Manager/Owner, and you’ll be responsible for both those roles although the relative effort for each will vary based on where a particular product or feature is in the process of implementation.

Helpful skills and experience

  • Listening.
  • Providing new software product research and new feature research for existing products including:
    • market statistical and financial analysis to support short and long-term revenue objectives,
    • competitive landscape analysis including funding, personnel, and feature comparisons,
    • plausible temporal objectives such as:
      • time to market and
      • time to break even
    • relative future value of team effort compared to similar options,
    • relative risk analysis and a clear understanding and communication of failure costs.
  • A working understanding of the more popular development technologies and tools used in today’s SaaS market: their roles and the high-level pros and cons of each.
  • Experience providing product roadmaps for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Experience providing detailed feature requirements by:
    • Maximizing the utility of team interactions.
      • Providing goals and agendas ahead of time for any team meetings necessary to perform this job.
  • Optimizing communication for work to be done.
    • Use Azure DevOps to communicate short and long-term team objectives with at least a sprint level (2 weeks) granularity.
    • Use Azure DevOps to ensure the team has clear work items with detailed requirements.
  • Performance of consumer and enterprise client interviews to inform product decisions.
  • User testing.
  • Experience with agile team methodologies such as Scrum and/or Lean.
  • Observation and communication of weaknesses and strengths within the team and team methodologies where they influence the ability to efficiently provide new products and features.
  • Experience collaborating with marketing to provide information that clients and prospects need, such as:
    • external product roadmaps,
    • release notes,
    • product features and capabilities.

What you will be doing

You will be working closely with a hybrid remote team to deeply understand and communicate the ROI for implementing both new products and new features for existing products.  You will drive the implementation of those products and features by extracting necessary information and providing clear and detailed requirements.  Although the creation of work items will be a shared responsibility, you will ultimately be responsible for ensuring those work items represent the appropriate breadth of work to implement selected features.

Priorities may change rapidly and the ability to objectively evaluate and quickly enable the team to implement alternative courses of action will be highly valued.

More information

We’ve been in business for more than 20 years.  Our habit of hiring capable and friendly people is part of the reason for that success.  To join us, you will need to be dedicated to your profession and excited by the work we do.

We require strong analytical and English communication skills and at least a B.S./B.A.  Only US-based candidates will be considered for this position. This role will be highly interactive, and candidates must be willing to work core hours of 9:30 am to 4:00 pm Eastern time.  Our office is in Suwanee, GA which is just north of Atlanta, but your team will work remotely apart from occasional in-person meetings. We will not provide visa sponsorship.

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