RFID in Retail

Leverage RFID in retail to drastically improve inventory visibility and build customer experiences that keep them coming back.

Get better than 95% inventory accuracy with RFID.

If you’re a retailer or brand owner interested how retail RFID solutions can help you to increase sales and margin, reduce costs, improve inventory management and supply chain efficiency you’re not alone. In fact, over half of all retailers are currently implementing or investigating RFID applications such as omni-channel, smart dressing rooms, cycle counting and perpetual inventory.


With such a wide variety of applications available, it’s important to remember that true value of RFID depends on finding the right technology and determining the best approach for your needs. 

Improve sales, decrease stock-outs, and increase margins with Strategic System’s RFID solutions.

Increase sales 2% to 10% through inventory accuracy and stock-out reduction.

Improve customer satisfaction and enable more meaningful customer experiences.

Support innovative merchandising, omni-channel and clienteling strategies.

Reduce labor costs and inefficiencies.

Reduce shrinkage and markdowns on off season or slow moving inventory.

Increase inventory turns with reduced inventories and better store space utilization.

RFID in Retail Solutions

Inventory intelligence addresses a variety of challenges, including:

Inventory accuracy


Display effectiveness

Labor efficiency

Vendor fraud and administrative errors

Internal theft

Access control

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