RFID in Hospitality

Enhance guest experiences and increase profitability with hospitality RFID solutions.

Transform your guest experiences with RFID.

If you’re a hospitality manager or executive looking for a cost-effective way to improve operational efficiencies, improve guest experiences and give you unprecedented visibility into any aspect of your organization, we can help. RFID has the capability to track thousands of items per minute with near-perfect accuracy and can be employed in a number of proven applications.


Our hospitality RFID and other sensor technology solutions can help improve staff responsiveness and deliver exceptional guest experiences.

RFID solutions help you improve operational efficiency with real-time data collection.

Deliver efficient and personalized customer service.

Reduce waste and improve profit margins.

Expedite guest purchases and drive incremental spending.

Improve security and reduce counterfeiting.

Track staff attendance and monitor unauthorized access in critical areas.

Discern patterns of guest behavior and track patterns of use.

Manage and track everything from pool towels to stemware.

Enable guests to track their children and other members of their groups.

RFID in the Hospitality Industry

RFID tracking can address a variety of challenges at your hotel, resort, cruise line or hospitality venue, including:

Customer loyalty

Customer experience

Food and beverage monitoring

Linen and guest room inventories

Luggage tracking

RFID Hospitality Worker

Considering RFID?

We can show you how to leverage RFID at your hospitality or entertainment organization.