RFID In Healthcare

Improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance patient safety with proven RFID healthcare solutions.

Spend less time looking for things and more time with patients.

As a hospital administrator, we understand that your primary objective is maximum patient safety and quality care. But you’re also concerned about regulatory compliance, staff retention and satisfaction, and financial constraints as well.


Whether you’re interested in an application to track surgical sponges to maximize patient safety and operating room efficiency, or monitoring your staff to minimize workflow bottlenecks, we can help. 

Enhance patient safety, improve operational efficiency and lower costs with RFID hospital tracking.

Improve patient and staff safety and enhance quality of care.

Ensure you have the right assets and supplies on hand when and where you need them.

Streamline supply chain processes and reduce overall costs.

Record the movement of your staff, patients, and high-value assets to improve workflows.

Ensure that rules and regulations are adhered to.

RFID Solutions for Hospitals

RFID can help to address a variety of challenges in healthcare, including:

Bed and operating room management

Expiration date monitoring

Hand sanitation monitoring

High-value asset tracking and inventory control

Laundry management

Specimen tracking

RFID Healthcare Worker

Considering RFID?

We can help you determine which RFID solutions is right for your healthcare organization.