RFID for Energy and Utility Industries

Improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance safety with proven RFID energy and utility industry solutions.

RFID Energy Worker

Reduce downtime and improve compliance.

Automated end-to-end visibility is needed to streamline everyday tracking of materials, equipment and personnel. Our RFID and sensor technology solutions can help you maximize uptime and better protect your employees.


We can help you determine which applications will deliver the most short-term value and successfully implement them. This approach allows you to start small, tracking specific items such as spare parts, oil pipe and casings or people.

RFID provides the visibility you need to manage your equipment and personnel more effectively.

Increase productivity and spend less time looking for equipment.

Improve production uptime and respond quickly to failures and outages.

Improve equipment maintenance with timely inspections and informed repair decisions.

Increase asset utilization and reduce inventory stock levels.

Improve worker safety by quickly locating and responding to ‘man down’ situations.

Meet compliance requirements to ensure a safe workplace.

Solutions designed to meet your particular needs.

Our RFID tracking solutions are built using technologies designed to meet the specific needs of the oil and gas industry's business and technical requirements.


Project success starts with clearly identifying the specific business problem you want to address. RFID’s bulk data capture capabilities and line-of-sight independence are used in a variety of applications to deliver multiple benefits with little or no human effort:

Asset Management

Inventory Control

Tool Tracking

Access Control

Hazardous Materials Management

Worker Safety

Regulatory Compliance

RFID Utility Worker

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