RFID Tag & Barcode Label Solutions

Need labels or tags? Our barcode label and RFID tag offerings combine expertise in both technology and media to ensure you capture the information you need.

Image of barcode labels and RFID tags in a pharmacy.

Getting Labels and Tags Right

Your label and tag choices impact how easily the information you need can be captured and shared. Quantity and cost cannot be your only considerations.

Your barcode application needs require labels that meet specific size, durability, adhesive, and color constraints. With RFID systems, the type and amount of data you need to encode, the application environment, and the tagged item’s material makeup affect your tag options. As for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, the availability of tags with new form factors, battery life options, built-in motion and temperature sensors, accelerometers and other features are proliferating almost daily.

Not surprisingly, evaluating all of the options can be complicated and time-consuming. Because the media you use will also help drive other critical choices - including printer, encoder, and reader or scanner hardware, as well as software - you can’t afford to waste resources on tag and label solutions that are incapable of delivering the performance you need.

RFID Tag and Barcode Label Solutions

Getting you the right tags, readable by the right technology, placed and used in the right way, to deliver the information you need: this is how we ensure your success. Our rigorous tag selection process takes into account all of your key criteria, including environment, placement, orientation, and cost. Our label and tag offering includes:

Paper and Synthetic Labels and Tags

UHF and HF RFID Tags and Labels

Ultra-rugged RFID Tags Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons

Z-Slip Packing Slip Solution

Zebra IQ Color Labels

Desktop, Mobile, and Industrial Printers

Software and Custom Label Design

Image of barcode labels and RFID tags by Zebra.

Discover the Strategic Difference

From basic barcode labels to rugged/durable RFID tags and the latest in beacon technology, we have successfully sourced, created, and implemented label and tag solutions for projects of all scope and level of challenge.