Achieve Maximum Durability with Zebra’s RS6100 Bluetooth Scanner

What is both complex yet accessible, practically weightless yet an indisputable powerhouse?

The RS6100. This Bluetooth scanner can capture barcodes from all distances, whether you have items in hand or need to reach top-shelf merchandise up to 40 ft away. No more money or time wasted due to dense and compromised barcodes, fear of losing connection due to Wi-Fi or cord disruptions, or restrictions on where your employees can go on the job.

While traditional scanners do a great job of scanning in optimal environments, there is a rising demand for flexibility to boost productivity and job satisfaction. When asked why manufacturing employees chose to pursue their jobs, 19% said they love autonomy and the freedom to get into the flow of their daily routine at their own pace. With the RS6100, comfort is inevitable with five customizable mounts made to simplify each task and a “constant scan mode” so employees can flip their hands and move around more fluidly. 

Zebra’s RS6100 Bluetooth Wearable Scanner introduces an era that transcends the immaculate RS6000 and brings it to new heights, packing on even more vital features than before.  

  • A snug, comfortable fit made to accommodate every worker
  • You can go cord or cordless, it’s good to have your options open
  • Don’t wait for charging, just swap the battery and be back in minutes
  • Vibrating trigger signals makes it easy to know if there’s been an error or exception
  • A device that knows no limits and can handle virtually any environment, whether you’re in a frigid freezer or in the smoldering heat
  • Durable with common trigger assemblies and batteries from previous models, making it a swift and practical upgrade 

It’s no secret that intensive scanning is rising, and products continue to flood the shelves. It’s a good time to aid employees in doing what they normally do but with a greater return on investment. 

Revitalize your process with……

  • Maximum Visibility— Scan through any barcode even if it is scratched, drenched, smudged, dirty, or printed with light ink. No wear and tear can, nor should set back any business.
  • Instant Pairing—Shave time by simply tapping on the device to connect, no need to pair through Bluetooth settings. 
  • Direct Usability—Program multiple LEDs on the back of the device to keep organized and provide the clearest path to an item of interest.
  • Germ-Free Usage—Separate the trigger assembly from the scanner body, each person will have their own trigger to operate with. 
  • Rugged and Ready—Never worry about dropping your RS6100 on anything. This device can be dropped in liquid concrete or on melted plastic without losing the integrity of the hardware. All you need is a quick rinse. 
  • High-Capacity Chargers—High-capacity ShareCradles can charge 20 RS6100 or 40 RS6100 batteries, reducing involvement with management. Ditch the 100 USB charging cables.  

This is just one tool that increases the efficiency within the supply chain but there are always additional comprehensive ways to make integrations. Thinking of incorporating a new system? Schedule a workflow audit with Strategic Systems to learn how you can install scanning solutions into your operations and maximize your productivity and conversions.